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The isle of Djerba, off Tunisia’s Cape Bon peninsula, blends Islamic sensibilities with a distinctly Mediterranean ambiance. In contrast with the arid mainland, Djerba is filled with flowers, orange groves, olive trees and the square-shaped, whitewashed houses called menzels. Djerba has wonderful beaches, fascinating historical ruins and Houmt-Souk’s charming marketplaceContinue Reading

100 Great Things About London - The First 10

Welcome to the 100 Great Things About London!! A celebration off all that is great about our lovely city. The part which makes this list so Great, is not just the attractions and nights mentioned, but the people who contribute. This is a list compiled by Londoners for Londoners, aContinue Reading

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Victoria Fall in Zimbabwe Africa’s famous for its natural beauty and various cultures. The African safaris are the most spectacular experiences to the tourists in a great way. There are lovely facilities and entertainments that are seen while traveling across the African nations. The main features of the African countriesContinue Reading

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Argentina has many attractions to tickle the taste buds of the most savvy tourists. Buenos Aires is a major city belonging to Argentina. There are many touches of Europe to be seen in the city and it’s been called the Paris of South America by visitors for many years. Although,Continue Reading

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Country of conquests and warriors, Portugal has all over its territory dozens of ancient castles, real fortresses for defense and combat. Each castle has its own history, his own “soul”. There are 152 castles in Portugal, according to a study carried out by the Direccao-Geral dos Edificios e Monumentos Nacionais,Continue Reading

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These days you people don’t need to rush to cab stands for hiring the car to reach the destination. Hiring over the phone has made everything so much convenient. We just need to make a call to hiring company or download the mobile application for taking the services. Explicitly thereContinue Reading

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Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and the country’s principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial and transportation centre. The official language spoken is Hungarian. If you decide to spend your vacation in Budapest you will be not disappointed. You can enjoy in sightseeing, take a boat tour on Danube, orContinue Reading

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So you’ve landed at Dubai-a magnificent holiday spot. You desire to do something other than the typical shopping and sightseeing. You wish to use your precious time by doing something that will get the adrenaline pumping. How about some outdoor adventure? This land of architectural marvels offers you an extensiveContinue Reading