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There are several reasons to consider adding a walkway design to your landscape. Some of the most prominent reasons include adding character to the landscape design and limiting foot traffic on the grassy areas. No matter what the original intent, walkways are an excellent way to add depth to anContinue Reading

Best Flower Garden Ideas for Your Landscape

Can you imagine “Gone With the Wind” without the onscreen chemistry of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh? Or Luke Skywalker deprived of a worthy nemesis in Darth Vader? Didn’t think you could. Now, try imagining a garden devoid of garden flowers.     You might as well lead yourself downContinue Reading

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Hose Holder – When you hear the term ‘hose holder’ there are many things that come to mind. There are hose reels, hose hangers, hose pots, etc. What is the best way for you to store your garden hose? Well, that all depends on how you use your hose, yourContinue Reading