Green Tea Facial beauty Products : Virtually All-purpose Skin Soothers

Green tea is a widely available, inexpensive skincare ingredient with many proven benefits for skin health and appearance. The tension between cosmetic chemistry and the world of natural skin care sometimes seems to amount to a virtual clash of civilizations. Chemists argue that ingredients like foam stabilizers and detergents areContinue Reading

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In the cosmetic industry there are so many marketing tags: Cruelty Free, Not Tested on Animals, Organic, All Natural, Plant Based, and Pure. What do they all mean? The fact is they are used for advertising and the claims cannot always be substantiated. Does it mean they are safer toContinue Reading

1 Easy Way to Reduce Scarring

  Stretch marks, acne scars, dark marks, and even that scar on your knee you got as a kid when you decided to ride your bike Evel Knievel style. All of these can be gone if you so desire, the choice is yours! So stop searching for solutions and buyingContinue Reading

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Acne is a skin ailment that millions of folk have to deal with, sometimes on a day by day basis. Even if acne is not a life or death condition, it can cause enormous stress, and even depression for those who are unfortunate enough to have acne. Acne, above allContinue Reading

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Summer is coming quickly! Now that the sun is starting to make a more regular appearance it’s time to address your pale skin that has not seen the light of day in months! Don’t worry we have gathered our most popular DIY self-tanning products for every budget to share withContinue Reading

Few Things You Should Know About Anti-Aging Creams

  When it comes to anti-aging creams, you can spend different amounts of money but this is surely not the right way to determine whether some cream is effective or not. There are dozens of anti-aging creams on the market and most of them are advertized as “revolutionary”, “highly effective”Continue Reading

BLUSH: 6 TIPS to make the good choice

 Blush: for dry skin and fat     Tip number 1: for oily skin     Blush textures are numerous, so you need to choose one that is suitable to your skin type. Oily skin will do well in a traditional powder. This type of skin should favor mineral blushContinue Reading

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Eye makeup trends for winter? Tough job I’d say. Winter season is possibly the hardest season especially for people who live in the upper north side of the world. Grabbing a fashion statement there is quite a hard task. Winter season is quite challenging there. I am pretty sure allContinue Reading

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Lancome mascaras are the most popular in mascara sales around the world. Best price to buy Lancome grandiose mascara discount Better-defined eyelashes flatter the face and draw attention away from dark circles or other under eye imperfections you may have. Here are some dos and don’ts that apply to yourContinue Reading

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I know just how expensive makeup brushes cost, but definitely know that they are worth it. It can change the way your makeup looks on your face and the way you feel. With that said, I found some helpful tips on how to properly clean them and keep them lastingContinue Reading