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Pregnancy Symptoms, signs and calendar progress of baby’s growth

The female body gives off signs to show that pregnancy has occurred. There are many types of symptoms for pregnancy, and no two women’s symptoms may be alike. Early signs include a missed period, the onset of morning sickness, sleepiness/ tiredness and headache. The hormones in the female’s body began to change, and as this change occurs, she will begin to feel the effects of that change. Some women do not have symptoms as the signs for that person may be very subtle. Others may feel those signs like the crashing of bricks, shaking them out of their regular routines and everyday habits.

As a woman progresses through her pregnancy, symptoms change. She may feel her appetite shifting from being much less to much more, as her stomach is able to handle eating foods better after morning sickness subsides. Another symptom is swelling in the ankles and feet, due to the additional blood that begins flowing in the new mother’s body. It is important for new moms to elevate their feet while sitting to relax the blood flow and take the additional weight off of the lower half of her body. The new mom should rest and relax frequently so as not to over-exhort herself.

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Once you begin to progress, you will receive further signs that your body is getting used to having a baby inside of it. You will find that certain foods become intolerable, and certain smells such as gasoline become simply intoxicating. Scented candles and cleaners may become pleasant smells to you, but you have to be careful as some products are harmful to inhale, and can cause damage to your lungs as well as to your unborn baby. Be extra careful as to what cravings you have as some truly are nor good for you.

You will find that as you talk to other women who have children, your pregnancy symptoms may differ greatly from theirs. No two pregnancies seem to be alike, but many people will try to help you with tips and suggestions that helped them or people that they know through their pregnancies. It will be fun to compare notes with other women who have had children, and you will be sure to hear more strange signs that their pregnancy has taken over their bodies and their lives. If you have symptoms that seem too uncomfortable or out of the ordinary, talk to your doctor about them and find a way to lessen their effects.

Finding the Best Pregnancy Calendar

If you’re looking for a pregnancy calendar to chart out the progress of your baby’s growth, as well as the symptoms you’re having and any concerns or triumphs, than you will be happy to know that pregnancy calendars come in many shapes and sizes. You can find ways to track your baby’s growth while still in your tummy over your email, through programs online, and through some great books that are currently on the market. There are books that are tried and true, such as What to Expect When You’re Expecting, a great book by Heidi Murkoff that has picture illustrations of the baby as he/she grows and even talks about how dad is feeling.

My suggestion is to use different types of calendars. You can get some great tidbits out of pregnancy calendars here and there, and overall they will help you feel great about the progress of your baby. You will also get some great information from your doctor as you come in for your pregnancy checkups which start out at about every 4 weeks. A good pregnancy tracker will have pictures of your body as it develops as well as pictures of your baby. You will be able to see your baby’s different positions and be prepared for the different birthing methods that are necessary depending on what position your baby ends up in.

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You can expect different milestones every week as your pregnancy progresses. There are 40 weeks of gestation in pregnancy, and for each week something new will occur with your body as well as with your baby’s development. Some highlights in your pregnancy calendar will be the development of your baby’s heart and brain, hearing your baby’s heart beat for the first time, and being able to see a picture of your baby (and the baby’s sex) through ultrasound.

It is thrilling to watch your baby grow in pictures, so I recommend looking for a great calendar that will show you what your baby looks like as it progresses. You can find some great pictures of baby growth online through drawn pictures as well as even digital videos that show what your baby may look like as he or she grows in the womb. These are truly exciting experiences and will help you connect on a deeper and deeper level with your baby as he or she grows. Enjoy these fantastic milestones and share them with all of your family members.

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