One-Year-Old Baby Girl Best Gift & Toy Ideas

One-Year-Old Baby Girl Best Gift & Toy Ideas

Best Toys & Gifts for the One Year Old Baby Girl’s First Birthday

Here’s a look at the best, yet affordable gifts for one-year-old baby girls that she’ll love while helping her develop important life skills.

A baby girl’s first birthday is special; she’s reached a lot of milestones in her first year ~ and rather quickly.

Gifts and toys for a one year old baby girl can be a bit tricky, as one year old girls tend to be a little of both ~ baby and toddler. I’m a big advocate for toys that build, teach and entertain. Did you know that a one-year-old baby’s brain is already 60% of an adult sized brain? That’s a lot of learning!

Providing the best toys and gifts for baby girls is critical to her developing the next step of learning about the world around her. One-year-olds want to know how things feel and taste, so you’ll want to be careful when selecting what’s best for your baby girl’s safety while being truly engaging.

Sound like a lot of science? Well, yes and no. I’ll help you get to your decision while keeping within your one-year-old’s abilities and need to explore. Being the mom of multiples, I’ve got a lot of experience over the years!

I’ve been really picky about rating a toy as being ‘the best’ or ‘top-rated.’ Just because a toy is deemed most popular doesn’t make it the ideal best for a one year old girl. My goal is to eliminate the guessing game of whether or not the toy is best suited for the one-year-old baby girl on your gift list.

So, put up your feet and scroll down to peruse great toys and gits for one year old girls at affordable prices.

Great Gifts for One-Year-Old Baby Girls:

Cause & Effect Development Toy

 By baby’s first birthday, your little girl may be just starting to stand or she’s full-blown walking or running (oh, joy!). I recommend this fully~engaging Fisher-Price ball toy, as it’s ideal for encouraging your one-year-old’s physical development at any stage of standing or walking. Sitting one-year-olds can reach lower levels of ball play while the standing or walking one-year-old can take full advantage of play. One year olds learn cause and effect, too. It’s Ideal for growing up and into.

Top Toys for One Year Old Baby Girls’ Little Hands:

Melissa & Doug Brianna ~ 4.75 Star Rating!

I always expect quality and value from Melissa & Doug Dolls and this Brianna doll is everything the company claims. Her hair is full and can withstand the ‘torture’ of one-year-olds lugging her around by one ponytail. The size is right, too, as she’s 12-inches long ~ perfect for baby girls. I’m guessing your one-year-old will squeal with delight come her first birthday or Christmas when she unwraps this sweet doll. She does have a sweet smell to her, literally. Brianna sucks her thumb or her included pacifier and
she’s happy lying down with your one-year-old or sitting up after nap time. She’ll make a great companion for your baby girl.

Dolls for One-Year-Olds to Learn By:

Award Winning Baby Stella

By her first birthday, your one-year-old baby girl is excited to copy Mommy. I love that dolls such as this Baby Stella Doll by Manhatten Toy Company teach baby girls (and boys) valuable nurturing skills while in play mode. Winner of the 2006 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award, and the Canadian Toy Testing Council 3-Star Award of 2007 ~ pretty impressive, I might add! The sweet embroidered features provide fun, safe play for your one-year-old girl. You’re going to love the pictures of happy baby girls at the links below. Precious!

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