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How to Roll Back a Driver in Windows 7

It is so obvious, that users go for a new updates when available. Same case is with Windows 7 drivers. Users believe to get new drivers that are available in manufacturer’s store. Meanwhile they do not make sure either their system fulfills the requirement or not. Avoiding any instruction may cause serious problems.

When user is done with installation of new drivers, certain problems may arise after this. Because drivers may not properly download, files are not correctly extracted and so on. Windows 7 gives you an option of roll back drivers. With this opportunity, you can roll back the particular device driver.

After upgrade, if your system does not respond/function properly, then roll back to the previous drive. You need to follow the procedure:

Launch Device Manager:

You need to launch device manager to start the process.

1. Press Start button

2. Right click on Computer

3. Select Manage from the list

4. A new window will open

5. In Computer Management window, Click on Device Manager under System Tools on left pane

Now you can view the device manager in the center pane of window

Roll Back the Driver:

Device manager will shows list of devices, where you can select the particular device to roll back.

1. Right Click on the device name (you want to roll back driver for)

2. Select Properties

3. Navigate to the Driver tab and click on Roll Back Driver

4. (If the Roll Back option is disabled, then it means Windows 7 have no previously installed driver. Therefore, you will not be able to proceed with the process)

5. A confirmation question will appear like “Are you sure you would like to roll back to the previously installed driver software?”

6. Click “Yes” to continue the process

7. System will now restore the previous diver for device

8. To make it confirm, see roll back driver button as disabled now.

9. Now Click Close

You may need to restart system after the process is completed. Close your all applications and save work before restarting system.

Clean Windows Registry:

Whenever changes are made, Windows registry is influenced. At times, some unused files are left with uninstallation/reinstallation of programs. You need to defrag the Windows registry with the help of free registry cleaner Windows 7. It will clean registry. Moreover, you can enjoy system working.

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