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Exercises That Target Your Abs – Fitness tips

One of the most complained about areas on the human body is the mid-section, or the abs. Your abdominals are the area surrounding your bellybutton as well as your waist (or sides). These muscles can become very relaxed and cause your stomach to have that unsightly bulge or beer gut which is unattractive. Strengthening these muscles is known for helping your lower back as well, making it easier to sleep and preventing back injuries. This article is tailored to explain which exercises are in the top three for targeting this muscle group, and what equipment (if any) you will need to accomplish these exercises.

The most effective exercise to target your abs is the Bicycle exercise. This activity does not require you to use any equipment or need to pay for any expensive gym memberships either. You can actually perform this activity in the comfort of your home, in the park, or any other comfortable place that you can lay down on a flat, firm surface. This activity relies on your ability to remain consistent and pay attention to the way your body moves in synch with building up your ab muscles.

The proper way to work out your six-pack when using the Bicycle exercise is by interlocking your fingers behind your head, and drawing your knees toward your chest while your shoulders, not your neck are lifted from the floor. As you bring your legs in, turn your upper body so that your right elbow is drawn in toward your left knee, and alternate that movement, switching to either side. The best amount of reps is between 12 and 16.

The second most effective activity that you can adopt to target your abs is the captain’s chair leg raise. This exercise requires the use of a machine that allows your legs to hang freely while you are supported by your arms and back. You will need to get some help stepping up into the machine, and then you will be able to start your exercise. There are different types of workouts that can be done on the captain’s chair, and the key to maximizing on your exercising efforts is to avoid swinging your legs, and avoid using momentum as it will counteract the desired effects you are looking for.
After your upper body is stabilized, make sure your back is pressed against the pad on the machine; raise your legs by contracting your abdominal muscles at the same time. Never arch your back, and do not swing your legs as you will not receive the benefits you are looking for. Each set should consist of anywhere between 12 – 16 reps. You will be sure to reach your exercise goals by following these techniques.

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