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Do Diets Work for Weight Loss

The first instinct for many people who desire to achieve weight loss is to immediately switch their eating habits to healthier foods and smaller quantities, but how effective are diets for weight loss? With the many different varieties of diets for weight loss, you’ve heard about low carb, high proteins, raw food, vegetarian, vegan and a whole host of other food choices. It is important to understand that a choice to change your eating habits should be exactly that – a habit – and in order to successfully implement a habit into your life, you have to turn it into a regular life style.

A lifestyle is a way that you choose to live every day based upon certain benefits or principles that you design for yourself. A diet for weight loss should be used to maintain your weight at a specific, healthy point so that you do not have to be concerned about gaining those unwanted pounds again. There are many risks involved in gaining excess pounds if you have an otherwise healthy lifestyle, so be sure to ask your doctor about what risks have a higher chance of affecting you based upon your family history and level of physical activity.

Many people choose diets for weight loss depending upon what they feel sounds good at the time. It is a better idea to talk to your doctor about what food choices are good for you to make based upon any medical conditions you may have or medications that you may take that could negatively be affected by the types of food that you eat. As an example, a diet high in meat to achieve a high protein diet could dramatically increase your cholesterol. If you are on medication to reduce your cholesterol, that could make your health problems worse!

So do diets work for weight loss? The quick answer is no, because the best food choices should be high in fresh fruits and vegetables and provide balance between the other food groups. Many food choices do not maintain a sense of balance, and it is a good idea to monitor your food choices so that you do achieve that balance. Eating smaller quantities of food, as well as foods that are not fried, processed, or contain saturated fats are always great choices to make, and take very little to make that positive change in your life to achieve the weight loss you desire.

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