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DIY Self-Tanning Tips and Top Product Picks

Summer is coming quickly! Now that the sun is starting to make a more regular appearance it’s time to address your pale skin that has not seen the light of day in months! Don’t worry we have gathered our most popular DIY self-tanning products for every budget to share with you.
Never tried a sunless tanner? Check out these insider tips from industry expert Whitney who is the Director of Operations for the Bronzed Bunny, an organic airbrush tanning salon and spa in Southern California.
How do I know if I am a good candidate for a self-tanner?
If you want to boost your glow or add some color to your skin, but acknowledge that tanning in the sun can be dangerous!
How should I choose a self-tanner?
There are many different kinds of self-tanners, start by picking one that’s easiest for you to apply and get the color you are trying to achieve. Most have a light to medium or medium to dark option, so pick yours according to your natural tone and how dark you want to be in the end.
How should I prep my body for application?
It’s very important that you exfoliate your body thoroughly, and don’t have on any lotion, perfume, makeup or deodorant that may create a barrier between the product and your skin.
Any application tips?
Spend enough time making sure you apply evenly all over, and circular motions seem to be the most effective in spreading it evenly.
What is the most common self-tanning mistake?
Applying the product unevenly is common, as well as streaking and forgetting to wash your hands to avoid orange palms.
Once I am bronzed and beautiful, how do I keep my glow?
Moisturize really well every day, try not to scrub too harshly in the shower and reapply the product on a regular basis to keep the color you want!
Now that you know how to properly prepare and apply your self-tanner, here are our top picks to achieve a healthy glow without the exposure of harsh and damaging UV rays. If you happen to try one out, let us know how it goes. We want to hear your experience! Happy tanning.

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