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Common Issues While Using Microsoft Outlook

he calendar, task and email applications of Microsoft Outlook are used by innumerable people across the world for business as well as personal purposes. But facing problems while using Microsoft Outlook is not a rare situation as most of the users are not computer wizards and often find themselves at a loss under such circumstances. Let us have a look at some of the most common issues that users come across while using Microsoft Outlook and their probable reasons:

· Outlook refuses to open or respond: There are a number of reasons behind Outlook not opening or responding. It could either be a corrupt file, a major issue with the hardware, lack of regular software upgradation, or memory that has been eaten up by the other resources of the computer like Word and Excel.

· Spamming: The users could get complaints from their friends and people in their mailing list that they are receiving unwanted spam mails constantly that are flooding their inboxes. Though the user might not have anything to do with the spamming, it could be the malfunctioning of their Outlook account.

· Frequent crashing of Outlook: This is extremely irritating while users are in the middle of doing something really important, like composing an urgent mail, and Outlook crashes. A probable reason for this could be the simultaneous installation of add-ins.

· Data in Outlook Data File is not there: One fine day the users can suddenly realize that the data which they had saved in the Outlook Data File is not there anymore and there are no backups of the same.

In spite of all the troubles, users need to keep in mind that there is no cause to panic. If they are not computer experts, there are other people available to help them in the form of Outlook tech support engineers. These guys are experts when it comes to tackling problems related to Outlook and are present 24/7 to ensure that the problems of the users have been properly sorted out so that they can get back to normal work. All that the users need to do is call the Outlook technical support personnel and they will be properly guided in exchange for a nominal fee.

The fee should not be considered as wastage of money because if a technician personally comes to their doorstep to mend the problem, it will be more time consuming as well as expensive. There will be a lot of downtime as well because the user has to wait for the technician to arrive. Calling Outlook support experts saves the users time, money and effort.

DBX To Outlook Conversion To Avoid Common Problems With Outlook Express

MS Outlook Express is an email client which brings no investment. This email program is included with Internet Explorer. DBX files are created in Outlook Express email application which stores large amount of emails. This email client stores data in a separate file which has DBX extension to save each newsgroup. These DBX files stores emails of folders comprises of overhead info. Some of the folders created in Outlook Express include Inbox.dbx, SentItems.dbx, etc. Because of the problems with this emailing client, it is seen that email switch is common seen scenario. You can import data from Outlook Express to Outlook easily with some external DBX to Outlook converter application.

Common seen problems with DBX Files:

  • One of the most common problems in Outlook Express occurs when mails are moving to some other Outlook Express, to some other computer machine, or to some other identity.
  • DBX files sometimes get damaged and become inaccessible. This happens because of numerous reasons. For resolving this problem users adopt some inbuilt utility which is not sure to provide you good results. By chance, if you receive good results you are the lucky one but this method is not guaranteed result provider, so try to avoid such utilities for facing problems in future.

The extreme large size of Outlook mailbox can pose difficult situations in front of users like slow Outlook Express functioning which could bring data loss case. In order to eliminate such issues, make sure that you regularly keep back up of data. Also, the backup you have should be clean. Suppose you have lost numerous mails in OE and when you try to open and read the, you find error message, then it is a true example of corruption problem which is an apparent one. You can change your email platform and switch onto Outlook to have better emailing features.

How to Export DBX to Outlook PST? For availing good data export result, use only professional software tool because outside tools are well-equipped with modern techniques. Before you buy any commercial application, download software in freeware demonstration edition. With external tools, you are not required to gain some extra special technical knowledge because of user-friendly nature.

DBX to PST Converter Program: For converting all your mails from DBX files to Outlook PST, use external software application, you can install DBX to Outlook Converter software which supports to run with all of the OE and Outlook email clients. This is the reasons there would be least issue during DBX to PST conversion 2003, 2007, 2010 etc

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