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Cat water fountain : How it works

Whether they are cats that spend a lot of time outdoors, or domestic cats that spend their time running around the house, cats are very active, which means that they rely a lot on their hydration.

For this reason, if you own or take care of a cat, cat water fountains are one of the best options when it comes to addressing hydration concerns and health concerns, especially in comparison to the water dishes that most cats will drink out of on a daily basis.

How it works watch the video:

Free flowing water from a cat fountain will automatically offer your cat access to clean and healthy water. This access is key to protecting your cat from ailments such as kidney issues and dehydration. These water fountains have the ability to put any worried cat owner at ease with its convenience.

In fact, there are some cat fountains out there that feature drinking areas out of three different sides, which means that more than one cat can drink out of this fountain at a time. Any cat owner will tell you that cats are some of the curious creatures in the world, which means that the naturally flowing water will attract their attention immediately, ensuring that they are always drinking and staying hydrated.

What makes a cat drinking fountain even better is the fact that you do not have to hand wash it time and time again. Most water fountains that you can purchase are dishwasher safe. But if you would like to hand wash it yourself, these water fountains are extremely easy to clean.

It is highly recommended that you wash these water fountains in the dishwasher though because the steam that is generated from a dishwasher will assist in destroying bacteria that may be growing on the surfaces of the fountain.

This is important because bacteria are the main cause of cat acne. (Yes, cats can get acne too.)

In addition to providing healthy hydration for your cat, this fountain will also keep your cat from drinking out of unwanted places around your home, like the toilet.

Some cats refuse to drink out of a water bowl, so they will result to drinking out of other areas of the home, areas that can prove to be hazardous to their health. Curbing this area of your cats health can add years on to their lives.

In the end, the benefits of choosing a cat water fountain over a traditional bowl are endless. These water fountains store a very large amount of water, the water is constantly being circulated through a filter and also through a purifier, and the water is always fresh.

These fountains come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that you can customize it for you and your cats personal preferences and needs.

There are different kinds of fountains for cats. The most common of these are ceramic or stainless steel cat water fountain and a battery operated cat drinking fountain.

So if you are looking to leave your cat smiling and healthy and happy, go out and invest in a feline water fountain today. It is an investment worth making on so many levels.

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