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Can Organic Foods and product Improve Your Health?

hat does organic mean, and what does this mean when we are looking at organic food? Put simply organic farming is the process of producing food without using pesticides, chemical fertilizers or any other chemical products. If a food is labelled organic the ingredients must be 95% or above organic, in addition to being free of any synthetic additives.

What Are The Benefits Of Going Organic?

There have been numerous different studies into the benefits or using organically grown food in our diet; most of which have contrasting results. The most commonly known benefits of eating organic produce is that they are more nutrient rich (up to 40% higher in some cases) and the absence of pesticides. In addition to this a different study in 2003 found that organically grown berries, have up to 52% more vitamin C that there non organic counterparts.

A benefit of eating organically is the better taste of the produce youre eating, of course this is down to personal preference, but as most organic foods are grown locally they are a lot fresher than non organic.

Looking after the environment is another positive of going organic, as there are no synthetic additives or pesticides used this means that the farmers must rotate the crops that they grow in their fields. What this does is improve the quality of soil, the growing of the same crops year after year in the same field sucks all of the nutrients from the soil in effect making the soil dead and unable to support other life. That and the chemicals that are not being pumped into the air are major benefits to the local environment.

Can Organic Foods Improve Your Health?

Organic foods can improve your health, as can all fruits and vegetables; however eating organic reduces your exposure to the synthetic chemicals used in other methods of farming. The synthetic chemicals include metals such as mercury and lead, neither of which often are found in nature, let alone fresh produce should you be putting this into your body? The heavy metals such as mercury and lead can cause damage to the nervous system leading to diseases such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers and many more.

As mentioned above the higher concentration of nutrients in organically grown food means you get more nutrition from less produce consumed. On average 14% more nutrients are found in organically grown foods in comparison to their non organic counterparts. Of course this figure is just is an estimate as many factors could help or hinder the concentration of nutrients, such as soil quality and where it is grown.

Should You Go Organic?

In a word YES. The benefits of eating organic far outweigh anything that non organically grown food have. The only reason not to go organic is if you cannot afford to, they are more expensive than organic foods, this is because it takes longer to grow organic foods. Organic foods arent fed synthetic fertilizers or growth hormones to speed the process up, as well as a higher production cost leads to an increase in cost. If you can afford to go organic then go for it, however if you cannot non organically grown produce is a lot better for you than refined foods and fast food as we all know.

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