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Beautiful DIY Garden Walkway Designs

There are several reasons to consider adding a walkway design to your landscape. Some of the most prominent reasons include adding character to the landscape design and limiting foot traffic on the grassy areas.

No matter what the original intent, walkways are an excellent way to add depth to an outdoor landscape and to save high traffic areas from being trampled.

The first step in deciding on walkway designs is to determine what type of materials will be used in your walkways .

One of the most important considerations when designing walkways is to carefully consider the other hardscaping used on the property, such as the patio or steps leading up to the home, or even a rock wall that is already landscaped into the property. As well, you will want to find something that matches well with the exterior of the home, especially if it is brick or stone. Let the environment provide you with landscaping ideas.

Some of the most common walkways are natural colored stones, color treated stone, bricks, and concrete. Another important consideration to make when determining the type of materials to use when constructing your walkway design is how much time and money you want to put into this landscaping process. There are also a variety of different walkway ideas and patterns that can be used, and the exact pattern needs to be determined before actually getting to the physical labor.

Concrete is probably the most expensive, depending on the length of the walkway, but can be done fairly quickly with the assistance of a professional concrete company. If you decide to lay the concrete yourself, this can be much cheaper, but an extremely messy and involved process. If you want to spend a bit more money for a more updated or polished concrete look, many contractors now offer tinting, stain, and even walkway stamping designs in the concrete to create the look of brick, slate, or even wooded walkways.

Stepping stone walkway designs, either natural or color treated, can be used in several different ways to add character to a landscape and are perfect for reducing wear and tear from foot traffic. You can do a simple placing of stones a few feet apart to make for an easy walkway to a patio or garden or you can spend the time excavating and pouring concrete to have them permanently placed.

 If you plan on this, it is best to use something like cobblestone, which create beautiful walkways. If you aren’t sure that you want the stones there for a long period of time, it may be best to simply excavate a small place for them and just lay them into the earth, rather than cementing them into the ground. Stones can also be cut so that they have a certain shape or so that they fit into a certain walkway design.

There are several different types of brick that can be used for creating brick walkways. Although it is commonly thought of to use traditional walkway pavers, or rectangular shaped bricks, there are a variety of different pavers available for unique brick walkway designs. This includes large and small square brick, a hexagon shaped brick, and even a larger rectangular shaped brick. Most commonly the bricks are laid in sand and can be laid in a variety of different ways depending on the length and width of the walkway.

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