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All about Grappling martial arts styles informations

Grappling is an art form that predates martial arts styles into Egypt 5000 B.C. This technique, in varying degrees and styles has traveled a long way across the Eastern part of the world. In India, grappling techniques were used by Buddhist monks who would often get robbed in their travels and needed a form of self defense to protect themselves. With the inability to use weapons because it was against their beliefs, Buddhist monks formed a scientific method of unarmed fighting that allowed them protection through the ability to use counters, leverage, balance, center of gravity, and other techniques for self-defense.

Grappling continued to travel through time and region until it ended up in Japan. The Japanese used this style as a way for Samurai to protect themselves if they became unarmed in order to still manage and control their fights without a weapon. The Japanese style of grappling was strength based, and incorporated many different types of throws, based upon leverage, counterweight, and center of gravity as well as many other important variances about the human body. Over time and through many different techniques, this sport grew and changed, becoming more complex. The amount of holds, throws, chokes, submissions and different styles continues to make this technique within Brazilian Jiu Jitsu one of the most complicated martial arts in existence.

If you are considering the study of mixed martial arts, understand that grappling is essential. It is vitally important to understand how to control your opponent while on the ground, because in a takedown situation, the match can be decided immediately if you don’t know what to do. It is impossible to study mixed martial arts, especially for competition, without understanding submission wrestling.

Grappling has a long standing history, a rich tradition, and has been modified, enhanced, and better constructed over many centuries in order to provide the best in submissions, throws, chokes, holds, and more. Studying this sport will ensure that you are never bored with the endless combinations and reversals that you can learn. Of all competitive underground fighting and mixed martial arts, it is essential to have knowledge of this sport in order to protect yourself fully while in the ring or cage. This is the element that makes UFC so thrilling, understanding the complexities of submissions.

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