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After Pregnancy Care – Tips post natal recovery

Caring for yourself after pregnancy is just as important as care before and during pregnancy. Delivery is a trauma to the woman’s body, and the body needs to be nurtured and healed afterward. If you have a normal vaginal delivery, you can expect to be back on your feet in 6 – 8 weeks. It is recommended that you do not lift anything heavier than your baby for at least the next 2 months after you have your baby, as it can cause heavy bleeding, infection, and other signs of your body’s inability to heal. Be sure to have someone around to help you with cleaning the house and washing clothes for a while, as you should not be doing any chores while your body is recovering.

The most important part of the recovery process is your body’s ability to heal and get back to normal. Because your birth canal is sensitive and your body will continue to be contracting for several days after your delivery, it is important to do as little activity as possible for proper pregnancy care. The more activity that you do, and the more heavy lifting that you take part in, the more your contractions will continue to persist, causing you to bleed and tricking your body into thinking that you are still having your baby. Be careful in your after pregnancy moments.

Another way to ensure that you have the best after pregnancy care is by looking for a nurse to help take care of you during those first 6 weeks that you come home. If you cannot hire a nurse, then seek out family and friends to help you around the house and to tend to your needs while you focus your full attention on your baby. It is recommended that you do not go out with your new baby for at least 6 weeks time to give your baby a chance to begin developing vital antibodies to protect her against sickness. You are also more susceptible to illness also as you are healing, so take it slow.

Make sure you are eating healthy meals and taking the best care of your body from the inside out. You will find that taking hot showers will relax your muscles, and your flow of bleeding will remain heavy for at least the next 2 weeks as your body expels all of the additional blood that you accumulated during your pregnancy. Don’t worry, you will get back to regular life as quickly as possible, and you will be more than ready to do so. Resume regular activity gradually as even after that 6 week period your immune system can be weak. Take care of yourself!

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