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Active Kids are Healthy Kids

Today’s technology is the downfall of healthy bodies. Kids have become less active, and they have more video games, computers, and television shows to keep them entertained. This means that kids are sitting and not getting the exercise they need to grow up with a healthy body. They have become couch potatoes. How can you motivate your kids and help them grow up healthy? This does not have to involve sports or formal exercise.

Kids and Indoor Chores

There is one definite way to make sure that your kids stay active. Kids need to do some household chores. No matter what their age, kids can begin to learn responsibly. While learning responsibility by doing chores, you are also promoting exercise in your kids. The kids do not realize that this is your goal, so it works. They usually think you are just being mean by making them clean and help with the routine house chores.

Your kids could do dishes, clean their rooms, sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors, or even do some laundry. There is a way to keep kids active indoors without calling it exercise.

Outdoor Chores for Kids

Kids need to be outdoors when the weather is nice, or even when the weather is a bit chilly. There are outdoor chores that your kids can do to stay active. They can help with the lawn work such as mowing the grass, weeding, raking, or even shoveling the snow in the winter. Outdoor chores are endless as all parents realize, and kids can get plenty of exercise doing the things that you might not have time to do.

Family Fun Activities

Family time is another time to get the family out to enjoy some fun activities. Kids are more apt to participate in fun outdoor activities as long as you do not tell them it is exercise. You could keep your kids very active this way. They will never suspect that they are exercising as long as you make it a family outing. You could take a hike, visit fair grounds, walk on the beach, play volleyball or batmitten, or even go skiing.

A Fun Game

Fitness is important at any age. Kids need some form of exercise, but you do not have to call it by that name. The new Wii is beneficial for exercise, and you won’t have to beg your kids to play it. If you are going to buy your kids a video game, the Wii is the only one to consider.

The video game that comes with the unit has bowling, golfing, tennis, and boxing. Finally, a video designer has realized that kids today do not get the exercise they need from sitting down playing a video game. The Wii also has a fitness video, but chances are that kids will not enjoy that game as much as the others.

There are many things that kids can do to stay active; they just need to have some guidance. Whether it is doing chores, a family outing, or playing active video games, kids will get the exercise they need to stay healthy and not become sluggish and overweight.

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