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5 Men’s Grooming Tips to Look Like George Clooney

Though George Clooney first made his name on TV, it didn’t take long before he became a massive sensation on the silver screen—not only for the roles that he portrayed, but also for his unique look. The spirit of his casual, yet suave, celebrity style is a look you can emulate with a few simple men’s grooming tips.

Start with a clean slate. Shower, shampoo and condition using your favorite products, and cleanse your face with a wash meant for your skin type. Though a clean shave is appropriate for this look, you can also get away with stubble to the degree of “five o’clock shadow.” It should have a neat appearance and never reach the point of being scruffy. Don’t skip a good moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. The Clooney look may be casual, but it is always fresh looking. A proper skincare routine is an essential part of that.

Next move on to your hair. Grey has been beautifully embraced by the actor. To achieve the same style, you will need a close cut. To achieve the same loock, use the following men’s grooming hair tips:

1- Clooney usually has a very close cut hairstyle, but for the look that he wore in “Ocean’s 11,” you’ll want to allow the sides and the top to grow in slightly fuller for the look of very thick hair. Sideburns should be trimmed to a middle length, just slightly above the level of the bottom of the earlobe.

2-Use a curl enhancing serum by rubbing it in your hands and then running your hands through damp, clean hair. Perform this motion several times until the serum has been evenly distributed throughout the hair.
3- Add a subtle part to the hair on the right side, as near to the temple as you can. The part should hold in place because of the curl enhancing serum, so the previous men’s grooming tip will make this one easier to achieve.
4- Use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to completely dry your hair. Using a diffuser will help to add volume for a thick and full look, but it will prevent frizz from forming.

5- When the hair is dry, give it a bit of a scrunch with your hands so that it looks wavy and just slightly rumpled.

The final men’s grooming tip that you should follow to polish off your George Clooney look is to select a men’s cologne that is ideal for you. The actor’s own preference is for Green Irish Tweed by Creed, and Mediterraneo by Carthusia.

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