5 guidelines that will get you more traffic in less budget

5 guidelines that will get you more traffic in less budget


Small businesses often have small marketing budgets that make them think that they cannot reap much benefit from the online world. This is not exactly true. If you run a small or a local business with tiny budget, and you’re looking for fortifying your online presence, then there are certain ways to achieve this goal. You don’t necessarily have to have a big budget for driving lumps of traffic towards your website.

Without any further delay, here are 5 easy guidelines that will ensure more traffic to your site:


Attract visitors with Freebies

Extra bit of everything is good. Don’t you like the zinger with extra cheese? So do your visitors. Give them a reason to keep coming back to you for extra stuff. Generate some free content in terms of white papers, guides or reports. Content must be relevant to the visitor’s search and stand up to your credibility. Free doesn’t mean crap in anyway.

Document giveaways or free downloads will also contain your URL. This is from where you’ll generate more traffic. Also, when you give away these freebies, you ask the visitors to give their names and email ids. In this way you don’t only generate more traffic but you also build a list of prospects. Further lead nurturing will convert your traffic into customers.

2. Update information through blog

Internet is exploding with information, which is one of the basic searching criteria. Blogs are an extremely delightful source of this information, represented in an unbiased manner. There are currently about 200,000,000 blogs on the internet of which about 34% post reviews on products or services.

Hit the iron rod when red hot. Add a blog to your website today and see a considerable increase in your traffic in no time. It’s not just the information that you provide on the blog that pulls the traffic, but the regularly updating content on your site also improves you page rank. With regular addition of the content search engines read you more often, placing you higher in the listings.

3. Reach prospects with a newsletter

Sending a newsletter to the prospects is a good way of keeping them abreast of general information related to your niche, and staying them informed about your services. Moreover, if these emails are passed on because of their informative content, they’ll get you more traffic. Website’s URL in the newsletter will increase traffic to your website very quickly.

4. Influence with a Forum

When talking of information, creating a forum of your own also leads to increase in traffic. A forum build around your niche expands your credibility and confirms you as an authority in the domain. The power of answering visitors’ questions and engaging in discussions related to your products puts you much ahead of your competitors.

5. Get more with link exchange

Link exchange is an important area of SEO, but you don’t have to learn the whole thing for exchanging links. All you need to do is to search for websites that offer products similar to you and have a higher page rank (PR). You can write to them for exchanging links. Paste their URL on your site, against which they’ll place your URL on their site.

Simple link exchange practise with multiple sites will divert lots of traffic from these high ranked sites towards yours. Sometimes if the PR of the site you’re approaching is same as yours, this task might be carried out for free of cost, while in other case it costs a little. But it remains a cost effective method for pulling more traffic in less time. Moreover, it also improves your own page rank.

Following these simple cost effective guidelines for generating more traffic, you’ll be able to increase your yearly sales, which will eventually increase your marketing budget for even better strategies.

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