1-Hour A Day, Keeps Stress Away

1-Hour A Day, Keeps Stress Away

Take out that Time


Throughout a 24 hour day we tend to forget about ourselves in the mist. Constantly we strive to make things better for the next person and very little or not at all better ourselves. Doing this routine everyday can drive someone nuts and make a life very miserable, not anymore… because change is at hand.

Live Your Life!!

  We as human beings get programmed, sub-consciously, into society to keep pushing through life’s trials and tribulations without slowing down from time to time to take a breather. Doing so causes entirely too much problems in people’s everyday life. In order to make life a bit sweeter, like it should be, we have to SPEND AT LEAST 1 HOUR doing what we desire.

A wise man once said, “Every Minute Waited, Is Another Minute Wasted”. Once I’d came across this quote I applied it to my everyday life without limitations. I am no different from any other person in this world, we all look similar to an certain extent and all bleed the same color, so I know we all share the same agony, depression, and worthless feeling when it comes to not living our life to our full potential. Yes we have to work to pay the bills and support families, but we get so blinded into this realm of no relaxation, that we cut ourselves off the face of the earth.

There are many suicides in our world lately due to the fact of feeling depression and despair about living life, and most of it is because these people want that peace, that relaxation, that escape from society where they can find themselves once again so that they can love themselves… ONCE… AGAIN.

Out of your busy schedule, take out atleast 1-hour a day to do what you absolutely desire at that given time you desire it. A lot of times we worry about, “What if…, But…, Maybe I shouldn’t…,” all of these thoughts are the sub-conscious mind taking over that we are stuck in throughout our society. STOP WORRYING!


It’s time we worry about ourselves once in a while, or you will fall into the void of having no meaning for life anymore. I say this because I was once in that state where I felt like life was nothing to live anymore. This thought that I once had was because of stress, finances, relationship issues, and of course… my job. ESPECIALLY MY JOB.

I have been working since I was 14 and always had goals for myself that I will reach, big goals too, but I always came up short… still struggling, working for “the man”, waking up at unwanted hours to clock-in on time. It got very stressful and depressing, but it had to be done in order to survive this harsh world. And in the very mist of this hardship, I never had time for myself.


I’m a huge gamer…Love it… Can’t get enough of it. So that’s what I try to do once a day before I close my eyes for work the next morning. I play the game for at least a hour, it offers me peace within myself, it gives me that escape from society that I need, and its one of my stress relievers. But everyone has that one thing that they love to do, whether its art, music, martial arts (I just named those three because I like doing those too), it could be anything. But it all starts with you, find yourself and make that time at least once a day. Think about it… don’t you deserve it?

Life is a whole lot better when you LIVE IT!

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1-Hour A Day, Keeps Stress Away
1-Hour A Day, Keeps Stress Away


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