1 Easy Way to Reduce Scarring

1 Easy Way to Reduce Scarring


Stretch marks, acne scars, dark marks, and even that scar on your knee you got as a kid when you decided to ride your bike Evel Knievel style. All of these can be gone if you so desire, the choice is yours! So stop searching for solutions and buying expensive products that just lie to you because this product actually works and I am going to tell you the best way to use it!

Two words to describe me are accident prone. Even though I would rather be thought of as something like “drop dead sexy” or maybe even “Kate Upton’s twin”, this is what I got, it’ the truth, and we have to live with it. A year ago I had a rather unfortunate accident and tripped over some random rusted hunk of old farm equipment in my yard and ended up slicing my knee open. As you probably could imagine it left a pretty decent scar. As women we know that our legs are important to us, and we like to show them off when we wear shorts, skirts, girl things, and such. That scar however was holding me back.

I stumbled across this product in the middle of my search to fix the scar and I can testify that it works amazing! Over time I started stirring it in a mixture of brown and white sugar (for exfoliation) and then rubbing it where I had scars and uneven skin. In maybe a week of using the mixture three times, I already had noticed results. My scar is noticeably lighter and the best part is barely notice it anymore! So, since I had such good results on my knee, I decided to use it for other parts of my body, and now use the mixture for an all over body scrub three times a week. My skin is softer, smoother, clearer, and it has a nice healthy glow. At a party, a girl I barely knew brushed past me and turned around to tell me how smooth the skin on my arm was. So I’m not the only one who noticed! 🙂

Even though this product is great and I LOVE it, I would not recommend it if you have overly oily skin because it will just make the situation worse and will probably break your skin out. DO NOT use if you have severe acne it will not help at all. Also, definitely mix it with something else like sugar or lemon juice before using in large quantities because it is an oil and will remain oily on your skin if you use it alone. I’ve found the sugar mixture works the best because the sugar brushes away dead skin cells and at the same time the oil heals and nourishes skin helping it to heal faster and more effectively.

Overall, this product is AWESOME and I would recommend it to anyone who is searching for something to reduce scarring and help even out skin tone. So, good luck everyone I hope this is what you’ve been searching for! 🙂

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