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Perfect scarf is a complete fashion statement which involves that you make sure you are wearing a perfect outfit head to toe that involves the usage of a perfect scarf especially if you are planing on wearing a casual outfit. This outfit demands that you are always on the go and that you make sure you look chic and gorgeous. I have never been on the side of life where I was up for something not so creative and pairing a scarf with your outfit is possibly the hardest decision you will ever make. I have never been less astonished especially if it comes to seeing people wearing their best. An incomplete outfit especially casual one will not do you any good. Scarfs are essential if you want to look unique but pairing that thing with something absolutely weird will spoil your entire look. To wear a perfect scarf you have to be sure of what you are pairing it with.

1. Pair a patterned scarf with a plain shirt:

Never go for the everything printed outlook. Always pair a perfect scarf ( patterned) paired with a plain top. Never pair a printed scarf with a printed top.

2. Pair a plain scarf with a printed shirt:

Pairing a perfect scarf may be challenging but you need to keep in mind the fact that if you are wearing a printed shirt and you want to wear a perfect scarf you wear it plain or do not wear it at all. Just be calm on making decisions. Fashion blunders are quite humiliating. I have generally seen a lot of people making this mistake and it makes me feel really bad I mean how can you make such a huge fashion blunder?

3. Accessorize yourself:

Accessrizing yourself with a perfect scarf is extremely essential and you need to do it otherwise you will ruin your entire look. I have seen people wearing a scarf with zero or stupid accessories it destroys their look. This fashion factor is adequate and you need to follow it. Pair the scarf with good amount of funky bangles and if you want to go for a subtle look then wear a watch with diamonties studded on it. Watch looks classy and extremely elegant and it will give you the subtle look that you have always wanted to have.

4. Make sure the scarf is not too long:

Make sure the scarf you are going to wear is not too long and makes you feel uncomfortable. Try wearing a normal length scarf that only gives you a heads up. It is extremely essential to be a part of something that is classy yet gives you all the comfort in the world. Scarfs can be quite uncomfortable if you do not know how to handle them. A perfect scarf is easy to carry.

These are some of the tips that I suggest you follow if you want to imply a fashion statement that includes a scarf. Scarfs are classy no doubt but if you are not able to carry yourself properly then you will be nothing but mere humiliation to the fashion statement.

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