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Technology with Windows: Its easy to save money with technology

Windows and technology :
Yes we’re here to tell you windows start selling lumia phones again. Wait what? Yes that’s true the most used phone in 2014 with colorful backs and sleek square designed lumia phones are in again. The Microsoft technology isn’t getting download but they’re kicking it back with some new phones.
What’s latest ?
Microsoft decided to up their game in technology world. The new Lumia 950 XL is the latest in their game. It’s beautifully designed for everyone. It retails for £499.99 which is bomb for this type of phone. Let us explain more to you about this. It’s the 5.7 inch screen with 1440p that makes everything look downright gorgeous. The new 20 megapixel camera is so pure that every picture is like a dream. The wireless charging option is more on the attractive side. 

Why lumia is an option?
The new windows lumia is here with the best screen resolution and the new big screen is already drop dead gorgeous this phone came up with the decent color black and white but you can always customize the color phone cases and the contrast of screen is perfect to easy. It’s pretty bright and good to eyes also it’s pretty cool when you’re using your phone in sunlight. This phone is actually designed in a very smart way and this is all from windows so it’s way more than reliable. Big phones are usually heavy but this lumia phone is surprisingly light weight and nit heavy at all. It’s super comfortable to take everywhere with you. Mobile phone is a need now so you also need to have a gripped and handy phone which is this. It’s all fancy and trendy but in you comfort zone as well.
It’s with Qualcomm snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM and 32GB internal memory. This also clicks from rear-facing 20-megapixel in one picture. In the world of clicks from day to night everyday this is your friend. This phone is unfortunately not available on Microsoft store but there are other places that will help you to find it. It’s all ready to be in your hands.
Where to find ?
The easy way to find it is online the new lumia phone with windows 10 is everywhere now. With full of features the online stores made it easier and you can also compare the price before buying or selling your phone it’s all in one stop to search, compare and save money. eYawoo Comparison http://www.eyawoo.co.uk/website is nothing but a dream to just stop and do everything. This will help you to not even buy or sell but to find the cheapest price all around the world. Every seller is here and every buyer is looking for things. You’re on right place just one click away from your new windows lumia 950 XL. Search for it and compare the cheapest price, buy and save your money. One interesting thing is http://www.eyawoo.co.uk/  eYawooalso offers the refurbished and used phones so it’s more convenient for your pocket.

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