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I was walking through the mall the other day and decided to slip into Hot Topic. They always have cool stuff to look at even if I’m not willing (or more likely able) to buy.

I made my way around their Halloween collection—a giant Angry Birds mascot head, a yellow Pikachu t-shirt with signature Pikachu ears and lightning bolt shaped tail, several sexy women’s costumes—and through their rock band memorabilia. I slipped around racks of t-shirts featuring Captain America, Batman, the X-Men, and Dragon Ball Z characters. Finally I found something that caught my attention.

Six shelves stacked with t-shirts resembling the Power Rangers’ uniforms brought a wave of 90s nostalgia over me. Suddenly, I was back alongside Jason, Billy, and Kimberly, fighting against Rita Repulsive and her hoard of goons and monsters. The Dinozords transformed and combined into the ultimate fighting machine.

Hot Topic carried t-shirt versions of each of the six original Power Rangers uniforms. In sizes small to extra large, and styles to fit men’s fasion and women’s fashion. They had:

1. The Red Ranger’s tyrannosaurus crested shirt,

2. The Blue Ranger’s triceratops crested shirt,

3. The Black Ranger’s mastodon crested shirt,

4. The Green Ranger’s dragon crested shirt,

5. The Yellow Ranger’s saber-toothed tiger crested shirt, and

6. The Pink Ranger’s pterodactyl crested shirt.


Power Ranger T-Shirts 2018
Power Ranger T-Shirts 2018


The Yellow and Pink Rangers’ t-shirts are form-fitting to accent the female body. Don’t worry though, guys, you can find regular Yellow and Pink Ranger t-shirts elsewhere online.

Torn equally between Red, Black, Blue, and Green, I finally settled on Blue. To my surprise and delight, the shirts were long, extending down to the hip. Close to the bottom of the shirts are images of the belts and Power Coins each Ranger would have used. Around the edges of the buckle are the words “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.”


I was so excited that I wore the shirt the next day. It fit well, and the material was very nice. At only $19 plus change, the shirt wasn’t too expensive for the quality. Cheaper versions can be found online for as low as $14—maybe lower on Ebay. I plan on either returning to buy other versions—maybe Green next!—or ordering them off the Internet.

I highly recommend these t-shirts to anyone who was a fan of the original Power Rangers series. They’re great to add to collections or just to have for fun. You could even stage Power Rangers flash mobs if you really wanted to.

I hope you like yours as much as I like mine.



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