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Pets can change your life, feeling, relationships, activities

A new addition to the family can change everything. No, we’re not talking about a new baby, although they can do the same. We’re talking about a new pet. Your pet is also a member of your family, and while they’re not exactly as challenging or as big of a commitment as a child is, a pet can absolutely turn your world upside how. Here are some ways a pet can change things.

Your Routine
Hopefully your pet will not wake you up every few hours like a baby will, but he will still change your routine significantly. Even low-maintenance pets require you to find time in your day or week to take care of their needs, like feeding or cage-cleaning. Dogs and cats, on the other hand, can really shake things up. You’ll need to plan things around your pet, such as making sure you’re home in time to let them out or feed them. You can’t be as spontaneous when you have a pet.
Your Finances
Pets aren’t cheap. Even low-maintenance pets like fish still require a lot of money upfront in order to purchase all the necessary equipment and supplies. Dogs and cats can cost a lot of money. They require regular food, grooming, vet visits, and much more. If your pet gets sick, their medical treatments can be very expensive. You’ll have to be more careful how you spend your money in order to account for expenses related to having a pet.
Your Feelings
Having a pet can really change you and the way you feel. A pet can be a companion for life, and it can make any lonely person feel a lot more comforted at home. You’ll develop a strong bond with your pet that will last forever. Your feelings towards other animals, too, will change, as you’ll feel a stronger sense of compassion and understanding for all living creatures.
Your Relationships
Your pet will be a new friendship on its own, but it can also change other relationships in your life. Your new routine with your pet may impact your social life in ways that cause you to spend less time away from home. Your pet could also foster relationships, such as by helping to meet other pet owners like yourself or become closer to friends who understand the needs of your pet.
Your Activities
Your pet will also drastically change the activities you partake in. If you get a dog, for example, it can help you become active, and you may begin taking him for walks on a regular basis, perhaps even playing Frisbee or fetch in the dog park. You may become more of an active person. When you want to do something like go on vacation, you have to take your pet into consideration. You have to either bring your pet, or arrange to have some type of pet sitting while you’re away, which can really affect your plans. In general, you’ll spend more time caring for your pet.

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