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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Review| A Windows Tab Or PC

If you might remember that the Surface Pro was a great Tab that Microsoft introduced but for some it was nothing. My team has been using Surface Pro since it came out and we found the Tablet very useful in every prospective. We had many problems with the device at the initial stage like the Battery is not long enough or the Hybrid concept is hard to realize, and top most it was limited by many ends. It’s been Nine Months that Microsoft’s introduction To Surface pro but now it’s back with the solutions to all the problems that were present in the Surface Pro.

The new Surface Pro 2 promises to offer 75% more battery Life and sits easily on my lap. It has got faster performance and more and smart accessories for the users.  The Microsoft as a company is always eager to find problems in a product and then solute it in the next go. Thanks to Feedback Form that people fills.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 prices at $899 and we believe that it’s a small price to pay for the Tablet and Laptop both. For Many people, let me tell you that Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a Tablet and Laptop Both.

Let’s Go and check what exactly Microsoft has to offer with the new Surface Pro 2

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 review: Design

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is same as the Surface Pro in terms of Weight and thinness. The Surface Pro 2 is not slimmer as a tablet but it surly performs as a laptop but we have always desired for a slimmer and light Surface. Microsoft did changethe Design which is negligible to be honest but at least they have tried. Unlike the Surface Pro the New Surface Pro 2 only comes in black color so don’t wish for bright colors that Nokia offers.

If you would be putting the Surface pro and Surface Pro 2 in one line, it would be very difficult to guess the right one. The appearance of both the devices are 99.9% same, even the ports placement is the same. On the top edge there is a Powerbutton, there is a USB 3.0 port and a volume rocker keys. There is a microphone jack which sits on left on the top edge to avoid confusion between the others.

There is Mini Display port, Micro SD Card Reader and the Power Connector which suffer intense connection, the same problem which existed in the Surface Pro. There is again Air ventilation system to keep the tab in Cool state which was again existed in the previous version and it’s is on the same place so don’t expect much physical change in the device.

Same Design but Different Unit

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Review: Display

The display of the Device has improved as Microsoft itself states that now the tab has 46% more color accurate than the previous version, it is great the company is focusing in the main things like the display of the device and the internal components as these are the only things which attracts and satisfies the customer in the end. Though we were able to see the difference in the color accuracy but you need to implement much focus to notice any changes. Microsoft Surface Pro 2 has a screen resolution of 1920 X 1080 which is obviously HD resolution but we were able to notice the problem which existed in the previous version, which is the accurate delivery of the deep black and deep white. Many tabs in the market are able to deliver a higher resolution than the Surface Pro 2 but we feel that not bumping to higher stakes straight way is a good decision that Company took.

The high resolution is actively grasped by the new Windows 8.1 as the apps doesn’t look up scaled, the third party apps like the Google Chrome still faces some problem as there might be a trouble with the compatibility with apps. Though this device is quite new in the market and expecting apps like Chrome, Mozilla, Gimp and others to work perfect in quite silly. The pixel density of the tab is quite good as it delivers rich and vibrant color while operating but to you might face problem in grasping old apps like MS. Paint and others to see in such good look.

The display of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 really gives an edge off to other device in the same field when it comes to touch response and sensitivity. The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 display is quite near to the previous version but we don’t deny to the fact that now it responds to the user in a much accurate and effective manner. We checked by using the Pen, keyboard and the mouse, it delivered the same and expected. We believe that somehow Microsoft has made something which can take care of an average and power user both. As we said this tablet works as Laptop and in the starting you might face problem in doing the potential things and but we are sure that once you are with it, you would never leave it.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Review: Type Covers and Components.

There is no doubt that people desire for more when it comes to gadget and Microsoft has delivered the same with the new Surface Pro 2. With the Pro 2, you get two kickstand which always keep the Tablet in the Ready and relaxed mode. As we said this device could be used as a laptop as well which makes it exceptional, you can set the kickstand and attach the keyboard with it and you are good to go with your work. Earlier there was a problem with the same but now Microsoft has removed it with the new version. The new Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is still not an expensive device as type cover and stands is the main element of the device and it helps you do much. The Type Cover 2, it is the name of the new portable keyboard. It works great as always it easy to connect it to the device, it connects with a magnetic dock which doesn’t need any work for connecting.

The Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2 has the back lighting which was not an option in the previous version of the cover’s. As per the company the Touch Cover 2 has more than 1000 touch sensitive Zones which is great. To feature some, you swipe to right and it would bring up the charms, Slide you two fingers across and it would highlight the text. We really understand that there is not comparison of the Type cover to real keyboard.

I really don’t care about the camera in the Tab like Microsoft Surface Pro 2 as it has the professional element to it but really Microsoft has done a great job in making the Camera a killer. The Camera click great quality photos even in low light, the Front3.5 megapixel camera has a great video output as well but we don’t think that it would be making an exceptional add-on as it same as the previous version. The Skype calls on the Surface Pro 2 is not good as the Surface 2 but still the Wide Angle Cameraperforms average.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Review: Specs, Performance and Battery

Let’s Check the Specification of the device is one of the best in the tab industry. Let’s look at the inner view of the device
Microsoft Surface Pro 2

OS Windows 8.1
Display 10.6 inch With 1920 X 1080 Resolution
Processor Core i5 – 4200U with HD4400
GPU Intel 4400
Camera 720p both Rear and Front
Ports Full Size USB 3.0MicroSDXC Card ReaderHeadset Jack Mini Display PortCover Port
Sensor Ambient Light SensorAccelerometerGyroscope Magnetometer

The Surface Pro 2 being a tablet looks like a lot like any other device in the market but it’s about performance that Surface Pro 2 really has. When it was launched, the Microsoft took a lot of time in explaining how the company has increased the performance of tab greatly. As you are aware of the specs which is showcased above, the device has a great in part than the outer. The Microsoft Surface Pro runs on the Intel core i5 – 4200 U processor with Integrated Intel 4400 HD GPU. The 8 GBRam and the 128 GB Disk Drive helps to achieve the best. The device boots up within 4 Seconds and goes to sleep with 2 secwhich is obviously faster than the original surface.

If you want to consider it as Windows device than you need to say it as amongst the fastest Windows PC. The processing speed and the graphical processing is clearly fast but still we won’t recommend this for the gaming purpose as its Intel not ATI. Playing games like Counter Strike is not testing this tab to its limit but playing games like Portal 2 and Civilization, you might suffer lag problems.

I really understand that these Tabs are not for gaming purpose but still if Microsoft could have added a great GPU processingchip then this would have been one of the best in the mobile gaming industry. While doing a heavy job on the Surface Pro 2, you would be able to feel the air vents heating up as it really pushes the device to limits.

The battery of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a great improvement over the last version which was launched nine months ago. There is 75% improvement to the Surface 2, the device runs 7 hours and 33 minutes on battery test.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Review: OS

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 comes up with the Windows 8.1 which is the new version of the Microsoft. The new version of Windows is really one of the best operating system as it allows one user to do multitasking and have a great experience on the same. With included Bing Search, Snap views and Syncing Sky Drive is the best assist that one could desire for.

The new OS has great improvements like the full compatibility to HD resolution. Great app support and fasterperformance. Windows 8.1 is a bug free Windows 8 as we felt, many app like Facebook has improved in accordance to their functionality. The Flipboard would be making its way to the new OS. A new Paint which is known as Fresh Paint which really shows the potential of such Tabs making their way to market.

Common apps like Netflix, Twitter and Facebook are preloaded and other similar apps would be making their way soon. Apps are the only attractive thing in a tablet or the smartphone and we assume that Microsoft is really working hard to get the app store filled with attractive and useful apps.

Microsoft is also giving a 200 GB SkyDrive space 1 year of Skype Premium service which includes free landline calls. Though we really think that this only the marketing strategy that company is trying for the sales but these service is one of the best function for a tablet as you can call anybody with the help of Skype and Skydrive can make a backup for you of all the images and other media that you have.

The Verdict

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a Windows beast and it really delivers the expected. Surface 2 is also a great device but this is an improved version and really knocks off the last and another windows tablet. The hardware of the device is superb as there are only limited tablets in the market which shares such kind of internal components. The tablet is a success while doing office work and in the end it would be great for an emerging teenager.

Being Microsoft Device, Accessories and everything else is on top level and it would very hard to come with the problems as this version could be said as the fine Surface 2 than the Pro 2.

I believe that this device might be new for some android and iOS fans around, if you are moving yourself from the respective operating system but this device really good and we recommend it against many.

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