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MBT Shoes for men and women : Health benefits

MBT shoes use a technology making them far superior to flat-foot shoes. They are referred to as “the world’s smallest gym.” Find out why!
As we get older, some of us require a special pair of shoes that will do more than just keep our feet comfortable. It would be nice to wear shoes that will help keep you toned and fit while walking. SwissMasai has created a revolutionary line of shoes known as MBTs (Masai Barefoot Technology). MBT shoes will also enhance the functioning of your muscles, joints, and spine like no other pair of shoes can.
Health benefits of wearing MBT shoes

  • What separates MBT shoes from all other brands? The benefits you’ll receive just by wearing them:
  • Toning and strengthening the back, buttocks, foot, leg, and stomach muscles
  • Smoothing cellulite and preventing varicose veins by enhancing muscle activity and blood circulation
  • Alleviating stress on the hips and the knee joints
  • Enhancing activity in the abdominal muscles
  • Relieving tension and stress caused by a variety of back, muscle, and joint problems
  • Improving one’s upright relaxed posture and gait
MBT shoes introduce a unique form of technology not found in other brands. While most are relatively inexpensive and claim to be of superb quality, SwissMasai has done ten years of research and development to create a shoe that controls gravity and improves one’s overall health. Yes, they’re more expensive than most other pairs, but may as well be worth the investment.
What makes them superior from the rest? Their multi-layered cured sole construction is globally patented to ensure maximum comfort and extra body support. The heels contain “Massai sensors” giving the feet the feel of walking on sand. The instable surface created by the carbon plate and midsole activate the stabilization musculature, enabling one to attain full balance when walking or standing.
Due to their exceptional construction and quality, MBT shoes provide benefits that flat-soled shoe lack. They not only strengthen one’s neglected muscles but prevent muscle contractions while promoting stabilization and straightening their spine. Likewise, these shoes protect the joints by offering shock absorption while strengthening one’s core muscles to develop proper posture.
MBT shoes versus flat-foot shoes
At first, MBT shoes may feel awkward, causing one to become somewhat inflexible. Why? When wearing them, the ground no longer has a flat or stable feeling, but rather an uneven surface. This is because muscles that aren’t normally used become activated causing the body to compensate and develop stability. Even though flat-foot shoes may feel comfortable, they put pressure on the heels, hips, and knees. As a result, one is forced to walk in a wrong or improper manner, developing poor posture and pain.
Most of all, MBT shoes enable one to attain an effective workout. As more muscles are activated, one can burn extra calories while toning their body. With their natural comfort, one will feel they are walking on a sandy beach or on moss. This will encourage wearers to walk further or increase their total workout time.

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