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Luxury Kitchen Features Modern 2018

Lets take a moment to talk about luxury kitchen features you can include in your custom luxury home.  The kitchen has always been the heart of a home, and for many families it serves as both an area to prepare meals and a social gathering place. This part of the house is also the most popular to design with a client because you have a great deal of innovative choices when building your vacation home.
In this article, you’ll read about some of the top trends in luxury kitchen features.  When youre talking with us about your custom luxury home in Costa Rica or Panama, you can use this for ideas and inspiration for what youd like.

Outdoor Dining and an Outdoor Exclusive Kitchen

Luxury vacation properties are casual, laid-back homes.  Kitchens tend to take on more of a family oriented atmosphere and become the main room to share with friends and guests. Many times vacation homes feature extensive outdoor spaces for serving meals or spending time together.  Positioning your kitchen to service these spaces is important and should be considered into the overall design.  If outdoor areas are a primary feature in your vacation home, you may want to consider building in a secondary outdoor exclusive kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Features: Sinks and Cabinetry

Although common in most households, the standard “two sink” layout has taken on a new form as well.  Instead of the old side-by-side build, imagine one of the sinks installed as a prepsink off from a much deeper, grander “farm style” sink.  This is both functional as well as stylish.
There are many options when it comes to custom cabinetry for luxury homes. Some of the most popular at the moment includes sliding panels to hide oils and spices, custom kitchenware storage, built-in espresso machines, built-in wine storage and cabinets with a self-closing or soft close feature.

Counter Tops and Lighting

Often times you can create a luxury kitchen design by simply choosing the right finishes, including high-end countertops and lighting.  Granite is becoming yesterdays choice for kitchen surfaces. Quartz is now the next big thing since it’s a more sustainable material.  A good brand of quartz even features natural antibacterial surfaces and provides several design options not possible with granite.  Other popular luxury kitchen features include stylized concrete counter tops and mixing multiple woods.
When it comes to lighting, you want to combine functional and decorative lighting.  For this, we create your house to make cooking and preparing meals easier and stimulating when entertaining guests. There are a multitude of decorative pendant options to give a kitchen island a personal touch or flair. For task lighting, undercabinet LED strips are proving a great choice as they’re low energy use and easy installation makes them very popular in a new home.

Luxury Kitchen Features: The Butlers Pantry and Kitchen

This brings us to another feature that is found in many luxury kitchens – the butler’s pantry. A butler’s pantry is typically a small room or built-in cabinetry area where serving items are stored. This pantry can have glass windows to allow you to show of your serving ware or alternatively the doors can be  inset into the wall to hide it completely.  In a luxury kitchen, the butler’s pantry can be as elegant or as functional as you want it to be.  However you have us design your new home, it can add more storage area, modern style, and can be a valuable amenity within your dream kitchen.
Some homes can also feature a Butlers Kitchen.  If you’re planning on using your home for entertaining, maybe even business parties or gatherings, then it makes sense to have a Butlers Kitchen (as a full separate kitchen next to the main one).  This luxury kitchen feature allows your chefs or caterers to do their work out of the way, and then serving can be presented on the main kitchens island which then becomes part of the social space of the home.

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