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How to plan a dog diet routine in simple steps ?


I have seen many people who don’t bother their diet in front of their pets, and when you have pet dogs, then you want to feed themhealthy food. Similarly, there are different items which are necessary for dog diet that you will see on this blog later. Here, we are also going to let you know how to manage the scheduleof their diet. Overfeeding would be irritating and majority dogs don’t accept dietswitching instantly. Before diet planning it’s important to come to know first what essential items should be in their dog diet. Check it out


Dog Diet should contain:

1.       Raw vegetables
2.       Fresh Fruits
3.       Raw Meat
4.       Raw Bones
Raw Vegetables
Well, raw vegetables are quite healthy for dogs. They like a different type of variation in their diet. Meat chunks can be givenas well as changes. Make sure veggiesyou are feeding to dogs shouldn’t have a hardstem. If it’s possible, then boil vegetables but don’t overcook such meal will lose all nutrients while boiling. Leafy or root vegetables are the best option so when it comes to leafy vegetable then you can feed spinach, broccoli and cauliflower but root vegetable carrots, turnips should be given differently but avoid potatoes because high starch is not suitablefor pooches.
Fresh Fruits
The dog could be reluctant to food at first sight but adding fruits in their diet will be an excellent source of dietary fibre, magnesium, Vitamins B6 and more minerals. Apples, bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and watermelon. Don’t forget to check the fibre quantity and the reaction of a newingredient to dogs; sugar quantity can be a disorder factor of their diet
Raw Meat
Raw meat could be served in chunks but make sure pieces shouldn’t be big. Keep it small. You people can serve beef, chicken, lamb, rabbit, and turkey. Organs can be served as well including liver, heart and lungs. Fish is also an ideal option but make sure it should be fresh but if fresh is not available then you people can use the tin fish once in a week. Mince is also a healthy option, so feed  fresh food once in a week or after two to three days.
 Raw Bones
Usually, bones are loved by dogs so add raw bones to their diet for a change. As I mentioned earlier overfeeding would make them fed up.
These were the variation in dog food, and such things would not make them tired of the same menu on a daily basis. Bring some changes and create new fusions to make your pet happy ever. This is important to discuss in detail before planning a schedule

Dog feeding schedule

Here we have gathered dog diet sample for adult dogs you people can do a variation as per physician. Check it out
Adult Dog
You can feed to such dogs twice in a day that will not disturb their metabolism. It should be a difference of 11-10 hours as you fed breakfast to the dog at 6 am then you need to feed dinner at 5.pm. Similarly,keep water intake in consideration as well don’t forget to refill their bowls with fresh water. Make sure puppies should have cleanwater all the time. There is no specific plan of water intake but just keep their bowl filled with water
Senior dogs
Senior dogs also fed twice in a day like adult ones. Water intake is even higher than younger puppies. Let me tell you, people, it would vary as per different breeds. Most breeds prefer to eat more
Well, puppies need your attention more, you people have to feed such dogs three times in a day. Water intake is balanced. Their sleep time is more than adult dogs mostly have been seen maximum 20 hours of sleep. You can check different other methods to feed puppies.
These are the sample schedule for dog diet. You people can consult with physicians. They will let you know what the best food items are. How much quantity you people need to feed them. Several brands have launched dry and canned food items to mitigate the boredom in same diet routine so consult them to find out the best option. How many days in a week is suitable. Although you can do some crazy variation with vegetables and meat but create the bestplan that should help dogs to grow. Don’t forget to keep their activity and sleep timing in consideration. Make your pets active rather than lazy, and it would be possible only when you pay proper attention to the diet plan. Overfeeding and less activity will undoubtedlyput their health in danger. For the healthydigestive system, everything needs to balanceand should have rich mineral contents

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