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How Long Can You Wait To Have A Baby?



Is 30 Too Late To Get Pregnant?
Baby panic—an anxiety about the ability to conceive—sets in for many women in their late twenties. Many women fear they will face difficulties in conceiving, or develop complications during pregnancy if they wait till their 30s. Though there is not much of a difference in the ability of a woman to conceive in their 20s and early 30s, the ability may go down slowly after 35. The risk of complications and birth defects in babies also rises after this age. The thought can be deeply troubling; but there are also a few advantages women can enjoy by delaying their pregnancy until their early 30s.
     Financial security
Having children in the early 30s makes financial and practical sense. Women at this age have a stable income and a better financial cushion, as they get more time to establish themselves in the working world.
     Stronger foundation
By their early 30s, women feel more secure in their relationships. This provides a firm foundation for a growing family. Hopefully, by their late 20s, a woman and her partner have also got the opportunitiesto enjoy some adventures before they embark on the greatest adventure of life –parenthood!
     Better stamina
New moms in their 30s have a lot of stamina and resilience, the qualities that come in handy while parenting new born babies. Women at this age are likely to know themselves better than those in their 20s. They are aware of their limitations and have had enough time to overcome them. Hence, they are better equipped to handle the responsibilities coming up with parenting.
How to postpone conception
Estrogen and progestin combination contraceptive pills like Ovral L are effective as well as safe for women who want to postpone starting a family till their 30s. They work by preventing ovulation. Women should take 1 tablet from the first day of each natural cycle for 21 consecutive days. A withdrawal bleed usually starts 2 to 3 days after the last tablet. Women can consult a doctor to learn more about these contraceptive pills.
Today, many women consider the 30s the happy-medium age for motherhood. Using Ovral L can help them avoid pregnancy till they are ready to start a family. It also allows them to be free to concentrate on their career and other aspects of life, until this time.

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