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Eye Makeup Trends for spring and summer 2018

Eye makeup trends for winter? Tough job I’d say. Winter season is possibly the hardest season especially for people who live in the upper north side of the world. Grabbing a fashion statement there is quite a hard task. Winter season is quite challenging there. I am pretty sure all of those who live in those areas will agree with me. Giving a very subtle make up to your eyes will be hard in winter especially. There are several techniques that you can use if you are planning to give your eyes a subtle look in winter. The harsh winds and the low temperature not only ruin your health but also your skin. You need to take good care of your skin and the area close to your eyes other you will never be able to follow eye makeup trends for winter. Here are some of the most sought after eye makeup trends for winter that you need to follow:

How to make your eyes look Smokey :

Use a black pencil to highlight the area above your eye ball. Apply base and then apply black eye shadow and merge it completely so that it does not look out of place. I have never been a part of something that does not support high class fashion statement. Smokey eyes give a very sexy look to your eyes and make them look wide and gorgeous. Eye makeup trends for winter surely demands that you have black stuff in your makeup box.

In the day time use light but prominent shades on your eyes:

Go for a peachy eye shadow or a light pink that shines in the day light. Avoid going all black over your eyes in the day time especially during winter season. Eye makeup trend this winter includes a peach shadow in your makeup kit.

Go For a simpler look on casual days:

On a regular day when you are going to your university to attend a class and its freezing outside the eye makeup trend that you need to follow is very simple in this circumstance. Just simply apply an eye liner to give a very nice detail to your eyes. You do not have to get so harsh on yourself; a simple eye liner on a cold winter day looks absolutely chic and gorgeous.

Avoid going all harsh on your eyes:

During the winter season the harsh winds may spoil the natural beauty of your eyes you have to be careful. Wash your eyes daily and avoid contact with your face wash and get a good 8 hour sleep and always wash your eyes after you come back home. Do not let the makeup stay on your eyes. Make up layers destroy the natural beauty of your skin.

These are some of the most sought after make-up trends for winter that you can rock even on a casual day out with your friends.

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