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Best price to buy Lancome grandiose mascara discount

Lancome mascaras are the most popular in mascara sales around the world.
Best price to buy Lancome grandiose mascara discount

Better-defined eyelashes flatter the face and draw attention away from dark circles or other under eye imperfections you may have. Here are some dos and don’ts that apply to your use of Lancome mascaras, or any others on the market that you may like:

♥ Do – choose the right color. Some makeup artists recommend black mascara for every woman, but many typical users find that black mascara looks best on brunettes and people with very dark hair, while brown mascara looks best on blondes and people with lighter colored hair. Use what makes you feel most comfortable, but if you haven’t gone darker, give it a try sometime!
♥ Do – select the right type of formula. In warmer or rainy weather, or situations when you expect to cry (a wedding or a great tear-jerker movie, for example), waterproof can help to keep your makeup in place. However, if you have sensitive eyes, washable is typically best.

♥ Do – experiment with different brush types. All brands, including Lancome mascaras, come with a wide variety of brush types, each created for a different quality or effect, be it volumizing, curling, or lengthening. Regardless of these different design intents, stick to the brush that suits you best based upon your own experience. We’ve found that different women have very strong preferences for brush type, so you should definitely consider your own preferences.

♥ Do – use an eyelash curler before you apply mascara. Curlers help lift your lashes and makes it easier for the product to adhere. Try this handy tip, too: Use a hairdryer to warm your eyelash curler for 5 to 10 seconds.

♥ Don’t – use your eyelash curler after applying your mascara. Mascara stiffens the lashes and can make them too brittle for use in a curler.

♥ Do – dip the mascara wand only once and blot excess on a tissue before applying. “Pumping” the wand in the tube may be tempting, but it forces more air inside so that it will dry out and clump more quickly.

♥ Don’t – attempt to thin mascara. Adding water or saliva to your mascara can introduce bacteria and put you at risk of eye infection.

These simple tips will help your Lancome mascaras perform at their best—and help you look your best!

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