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Best gift for mom on her birthday or Mothers Day 2018

Fashionably elegant but still offering a lot of fun and functional value, this MUNDI Big fat wallet with its huge flap will be flattering for your mom in addition to offering exciting memory for the anniversary of her birth. It brings togetherall the credentials of a top manufacturer as MUNDI certainly is in this business. You can count on the wallet making your mom grateful for your concern in a way that she will not forget any time soon.

At a Glance

Once you lift off the wallets sizeable flap, you will definitely be impressed by the placing of the inner compartments and sections. To begin with, there are five multi stacked windows with clear topping to give your mom convenient storage for her photo ID, credit cards, business cards or even family pictures to boot. Other interesting features include 8 slots fit enough for credit card sized cards, a fit enough checkbook cover, a week by week calendar as well as calculator. It is this healthy complement of useful accessories which serve to make this not just a wallet but a handy tool for organizing the busy life modern moms lead. All these add up to make the wallet one of the most highly recommended birthday gifts for mom in the year.


1. Big for Versatile Use

This MUNDI Big Fat Wallet is aimed at providing your mom with versatile options when it comes to carrying her stuff around. It is decidedly big without being ungainly and offers a variety of choices to keep everything from her credit cards, keys, Smartphone and other personal knack securely and discreetly.

2. Two Large Compartments

Two main compartments offer versatile options to keep plenty of stuff. Each of the two can be opened and closed by a zipper making it as discreet to use as your mom would prefer. She can fit her mobile phone easily and leave plenty of room for face wipes, handkerchief and much more.

3. Personal Organization Tools

The MUNDI Big Fat Wallet comes with a set of tools to help your mom organize her life. The handy calendar as well as calculator will prove invaluable in this respect.
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