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7 Myths about Cholesterol

For some individuals anxiety about cholesterol levels only begins after a diagnosis and recommendation by a physician. While for others who choose to live healthy lives, controlling their cholesterol level is vital for their well-being and health.

There are so many misconceptions about cholesterol and its effective control, the following statements herein will set all of them right.
Myth 1- I am fit and healthy, so I do not have a cholesterol problem.
Eating right, getting exercise and living a healthy lifestyle is extremely important for every human being.
Feeling healthy and strong does not mean that you do not have a cholesterol condition. You must be testedfor cholesterol levels if you do not exercise often, have a history of cholesterol in your family, are over 40 years and still smoke and drink alcohol.
Women passing through menopause can also suffer from a high levels of cholesterol due to the secretion of estrogen hormone.
Myth 2- I am young, I do
nt have to worry about cholesterol.
Age does not determine your cholesterol level. Cholesterol is a complex condition with several elements working together to cause it. It should be noted that even kids suffer from cholesterol.
Myth 3- Medication will solve my cholesterol problems.
Medication is not a quick fix solution for high cholesterol, you must also change your lifestyle in order toeffectively control and reduce your cholesterol levels.
Research has proven that excessive prescription drugs can also contribute to your cholesterol levels rising.
Myth 4- Margarine is better than butter for lowering my cholesterol levels.
First of all, all fats contribute to raised cholesterol levels and these include butter and margarine. To control your cholesterol levels you must consume less sodium and fat.
Alternative oils such as olive oil, cotton seed oil and pure groundnut oil are better for cholesterol treatment.
Myth 5- Eggs do not contribute to increased cholesterol levels.
There are arguments whether or not eggs contribute to high cholesterol levels. It is better to be safe than sorry, lower your egg intake and be extremely careful about your egg consumption.
If you must take eggs, switch to egg whites because, egg yolks are bad for you. And, for your information people with high cholesterol levels are not allowed to have any eggs or animal fats.
Myth 6- High cholesterol levels do not affect women.
As shown in above men, women and children can suffer from high cholesterol levels. The chances of having a high cholesterollevel increases for women passing through post-menopause.
Myth 7- My doctor has never mentioned cholesterol.
Your doctor normally wont check your levels if you do not ask specifically for it. Signs of high cholesterol do not show up until its too late. And, this usually results in a stroke or a heart attack.

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