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5 Months Pregnant : All you need to know | Baby and Pregnancy

Baby is felt, Mom reassures passing some exams … Find out how to evolve this little life cradled in your belly and the key moments that await you during the fifth month of pregnancy.

You enter your fifth month of pregnancy and your unborn baby continues to sleep! And yes, his fatigue and the growth it needs to rest nearly 20 hours a day! Unfortunately for you, hours of sleep are not keyed to yours. Result: it is not uncommon for it to move in the middle of the night. So feel free to relax at every little moment of calm. On the other hand, the fetus’s immune system begins to develop early in your fifth month of pregnancy.Indeed, his first WBC appear. From the beginning of the fifth month of pregnancy, you experience traffic problems. Not surprisingly, 25% of your blood volume is devoted to feeding your fetus via the placenta. Regarding the administrative aspect of your pregnancy, start planning the start of the fifth month of pregnancy to childbirth. Indeed, it is time for you to start enrollment in the course of preparation for childbirth.

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Key moment in your fifth month of pregnancy: your second ultrasound! Called morphological ultrasound, it may be an opportunity for you to know the sex of your fetus!One condition: that your fetus is in a suitable position. It is a growing fetus, 400g and 23cm, you will see. In recent weeks, the meaning of your fetus is well developed. To assist in its development, enjoy this fifth month of pregnancy to stimulate your stomach, patting or talking softly. On your side, your pelvis begins to widen and your uterus is becoming more room. Result: you feel more breathless quickly. Administrative side, why not enjoy the fifth month of pregnancy to notify your employer of your pregnancy?

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You enter your 21st week of pregnancy and your fifth month of pregnancy continues. Your fetus is moving more and more and has an average rating between 20 and 60 movements per half hour. It means getting better and may even react to sounds you produce. Prenatal singing can be an effective method to communicate with your unborn child. By the middle of the fifth month of pregnancy, your fetus begins to produce red blood cells. Consequences: you may miss iron! If this is your case, consider choosing the right foods and eat foods high in iron! A good excuse to eat chocolate or apricots. However, watch your weight gain and keep in mind it is recommended to take between 9 and 13 pounds during pregnancy. Pay attention to your sleep and try to rest as much as possible. Excessive fatigue can be dangerous to your fetus. Feel free to talk to your doctor.

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You arrive already at the end of your fifth month of pregnancy and your growing fetus begins to slow. Indeed, it has increased to about 26 cm and weighs about 550g. It should take another twenty centimeters during the remaining four months of pregnancy. The skin of the fetus is still wrinkled and is covered with vernix, a cream that protects the amniotic fluid. The end of the fifth month of pregnancy is a synonym for some mothers to anemia. Caused by iron deficiency, the latter is the cause of fatigue, paleness, and shortness of breath. If you experience these symptoms, talk to your doctor who may prescribe iron supplements. Finally, if this is still not done, enjoy the 21st week of pregnancy to spend your third prenatal examination to be held during the fifth month of pregnancy.

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