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Travel holiday Dubai : The perfect relaxation spot-Beaches in Dubai

So you’ve landed at Dubai-a magnificent holiday spot. You desire to do something other than the typical shopping and sightseeing. You wish to use your precious time by doing something that will get the adrenaline pumping. How about some outdoor adventure? This land of architectural marvels offers you an extensive range of wild explorations.

To begin with, you have sky diving. Toss yourself out of a plane at 13,000ft for a spectacular aerial view of this incredible place. Another outdoor activity that one shouldn’t miss while in Dubai is the Balloon ride. What better way to see the morning sun rise over the desert? And for those who wish to try something which is a bit milder, there is indoor skydiving. This involves being lifted into air by a huge fan, with winds that speed up to 200kph. It may not be as breathtaking as real sky diving, but it surely makes up for the adventure.
Among the dunes and mountains there are many different outdoor adventure you can relish. One of them is rock climbing. Groups of climbers venture out on weekends to explore the rocky areas and experience the rush.
For those who prefer relaxing and rejuvenating, the beaches in Dubai welcome you with geniality and tenderly warm atmosphere. These sun beaches are masive and shimmer with the beauty of the sand. These golden shaded terrains are popular with tourists as well as residents. You can make use of changing rooms and showers and can rent villas with a barbecue area. Some beaches also offer a facility of renting sun loungers and umbrellas. Most beaches have lifeguards on duty with flag warning systems.
Dubai is also home to different parks that personify beauty. These parks are a stretch of golden sand, grasy areas and palm trees. Some beaches have a nominal entry fee that can range from 5Dhs to 10Dhs. While you’re on the beach and wish to give a shot at adventure, you can try Parasailing. Launch into the air with the help of a parachute hooked on to a boat and get pulled along while attached to a rope.
After you’ve experienced the wild side of Dubai, you must involve yourself in the tranquil Dubai. This land of luxury is a joy for campers. All those who want to get away from their bustling lives and prefer a serene time around nature, camping in Dubai is what you must indulge in. It is a perfect getaway with family and friends. However, before engrossing yourself in the beauty of the deserts you must ensure all the necessary safety precautions. If you plan to have a long term camp in these mystifying deserts, you require a permit. However, if you wish an overnight camping trip, the permits are not a problem.

While in Dubai, you have an access to a huge variety of activities. If you are among the ones that like the adrenaline rush, then Dubai is game for you; and if you are among the ones that prefer a relaxed time, then the openhearted beaches invite you to pamper yourself.

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