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Top 10 best men hairstyles 2018

The Wavy Quiff

Is a hairstyle that is committed to gradual cuts, lowering the volume on both sides of the head and opting for a toupee askew on the back and top.

The Side-Crop Long-Top

Is the maximum exponent of the previous amount named. A cut in the sides have been reduced to the maximum, and the expression of the toupee is bulkier than ever. Much more readily and loose than the previous, less weight loss, and a lacquer-based fastening and asymmetric cut to finish.

The Messy Side-Part

Is for symmetrical faces more and more aggressive features and profiles. A cut that even betting on low volume and manageability of hair in quantity, prefer with scissors to whittle away the pins and an asymmetrical hairstyle in the middle.

More of the same but this time for less wavy hair that made ​​the cut with a knife to detach and leave hair more even looser. No scrolls, only much more stylish hairstyle which as its name suggests, The Navy Crop , reminiscent to the style of the sailors of the 60-70 years.

If you prefer to take it to the end and because we like either short hair or because the facial features are too sharp and marked as to keep long hair cut, we can choose The Layered Top-Crop, a hairstyle in which we cut the sides and put some more volume in the center. Not much more discreet.

The Peak Curly

Hair is especially recommended, as its name suggests, curly hair. A wild-looking, more rebellious hair with volume more than acceptable.

For long faces, we propose the Peak Cut with Matte Finish

A style as above but this time more volume and length in the middle and finished with plates and razor to make it look dull and duller.

The same cut with more volume in the center hogging more space than in the wings

The Textured Top

Finally, until the next installment, one of my favorites: 

The Peaked Clean-Cut.

An ideal cut for symmetrical heads, sharp features, which focuses on lower side and opt for a higher volume, asymmetrical, like a toupee in the middle, finishing with scissors and lopsided. Enhances facial features and the finish is definitely amazing.

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