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Pet Fashion: The 3 Basic Dog Outfits You Must Have

Dogs and puppies are adorable and it’s only fitting that owners enjoy a little bit of pet fashion every now and then, right?  You’ve seen cute little dogs dressed up in Halloween costumes, hats, and all the pretty little things they put on.  They always garner “awwws” and “ahhhhs” from strangers but they also get their fair share of unknowing looks.  Some people think they’re ridiculous as dogs have never worn clothes and it’s silly to force them to act like humans.  However, many people don’t know that pet fashion is also functional and protective.  If you have a little puppy or even a full-sized dog and thinking about turning him into a fashion dog, here are 3 basic dog outfits you must have today:

The Raincoat
The raincoat is especially useful when you bring your dog with you in the outdoors.  For long-haired dogs, it keeps them dry and saves your home from a lot of trouble.  Imagine coming home with a long-haired wet dog and what that does to your carpet, your clothes, and even your furniture – yikes!  And when you’re at it, invest in a cute color like yellow or red, or even printed ones that make your dog look like a superhero!  Functional and cute – you’ll certainly achieve the style and function that both you and your dog will enjoy.
The Sweater
For short-haired dogs, a sweater or winter coat is essential.  When the weather is cold, invest in a closely-knit, great-fitting sweater that covers your dog’s chest, ribs, and one that’s long enough to reach the root of the tail.  This will help keep your dog warm and it will make him feel like someone is giving him an embrace, which is always a good thing.  For severely hot weathers, taking your dog for a walk outdoors can give your short-haired dogs sunburn.  A sweater can help prevent this from happening.  So get a sweater or two and dress up your little mutt to protect him while giving him an added boost in the cute department.
Dog Booties
Dogs wearing shoes? Has the world gone mad?  Actually, dog booties aren’t just worn by dogs for fashion’s sake – they actually serve a large function.  Many dogs that are walked on the streets experience burns, cuts, and bruises.  Wearing dog booties will prevent these and keep your dog safe and happy.
Though pet fashion may be on the expensive side since they’re specialty products, they’re actually great investments to give your dogs some protection from the harsh elements that you, yourself are also facing.  But it also helps to choose dog clothes that are cute and stylish to hit two birds with one stone – functional and stylish.

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