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Find the perfect color for your bedroom – 7 TIPS and PHOTOS | Home

Every color has its own energy and vibe, and every shade of color is opening a different emotion. Because we are all different we need to chose the bedroom color by our selves, not by listening the others.

Each color corresponds to a different side of the compass, so it is important to first determine where the room is exactly located. As a general rule, the rooms that are located to the north and east are best matched with cold colors such as blue, green and purple. The rooms, which are located to the west and south, corresponded with warm colors like red, orange and yellow. The white is said to have the power of healing. Especially recommended to be used in the northern part of the room.
Red is full of energy and is an active color that has stimulating effect on your body. It is not recommended for bedrooms, especially for children rooms, because it can disturb the sleep. But if you feel lethargic or think that you can hardly be motivated, the use of red in the southwest part of the room can raise your energy levels. It is often associated with a sense of smell.

Orange is the color of happiness, which inspire your social interaction and optimism. Its uplifting effects make it very fun, so it is recommended for children’s rooms. It is best used in a room facing south. If the room is not facing south, you can put some decoration with that color or a piece of art on the south wall. It is often associated with a sense of taste.

Yellow color stimulates the mind and supports communication and concentration, making it ideal for room to work and learn. But it is one of the best colors for a bedroom and can be used for a room that is located to the east, southeast, south or southwest. It is often associated with a sense of sight.

Green represents the nature and symbolizes balance, abundance and healing. Green can be added to the room by a painting, plants or some other pieces of art. Green is most effective in rooms that are located in the north or the north part of the room. It harmonizes and creates peace. The color green is often associated with a sense of touch.

Light Blue is known for its soothing and healing power. Because of its psychological effect, the blue color is ideal for a bedroom, especially for people who are too active and busy all day or for those who suffer from anxiety. The color blue is associated with creativity and inspiration, so it’s great for the children’s room. The blue color is most effective if the room is facing west or northwest, and is often associated with healing.

Dark blue is deeply spiritual and is best used in the bedroom of people who have strong faith. It is ideal for use in rooms for rest and relaxation.

Violet has the most calming effect of all colors and is great for bedrooms and rooms for relaxation. It also connects with spirituality.

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