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Fashion And Technology Combined : Best Fashionable Gadgets

They say that having a good taste in style shows that your selfhood holds a correct blend of tenacity and artistry. It defines your persona. But to keep pace with the drastically changing fashion world nowadays you require mixing it up with technology. It’s about maintaining trends and the trend in the current generation is the ‘wearable fashion’.
Enhancing lifestyle requires electronic gizmos and latest technology ornaments which would accessorize your personality completely.
Below are three of the stylish technological additions in the market our fashionistas will love.

#3- Mobile Phone Coverings:

It would be downright embarrassing and stylishly disheartening if you wear the same dress everyday out to work or college over and over again. So why would you want your phone to go through such misery? You can totally dodge that by choosing right look which would make your phone look nothing less than a stonewashed denim vest to your decorative dress; it’s not just a protective coating to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy but can turn your phone to an outfit ornament.

#2- Fitbit Flex:

Tory Burch along with Fitbit designed a fashionably technological gadget which turns fitness into style. Yes, you heard it right; Fitbit Flex is a wrist band which helps you keep maintaining your health habits and keep a check on the routines which make you reach your goal. This consists of an LED screen which observes the quality of sleep, progress made towards fitness activities, miles ran per day and calories burned. Fitbit Flex transforms this health maintaining gadget into a stylish ornament that complements your fashion to a great degree.

#1- Cuff Security:

Designed through the state of the art technology, this high-tech security system is wearable which includes necklaces, bangles, bracelets and a special key chain that works for the personal security purposes. This is nothing less than magic as every accessory consists of a cuff link which you would need to tap in any case of emergency. Doing that people who you’ve programmed into the application will be indicated of your problem.

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