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Windows 10 Top 5 Features

Microsoft released Windows 8 in October 2012.  Despite a huge marketing campaign, it has never gained the popularity that Windows 7 had.  As a general consensus, the main cause was attributed to the removal of the Start menu.  Many novice users were also confused with the Metro / live title screen.  It felt like they had almost been paralyzed.  Many resorted to downloading 3rd party utilities.
Others wondered why Windows 8 did not boot to the desktop automatically and, instead, booted to what looked like a Mobile and Tablet menu aka as Live Tiles.
In short, the change was too dramatic; Microsoft attempted to remedy the situation by re-introducing the start menu albeit not in the same guise with the release of Windows 8.1.

It seems that Windows 8 will always have a stigma attached to it like Windows Vista.  The only way Microsoft can move forward is with the introduction of Windows 10.
We downloaded the Windows 10 Technical Preview from Microsoft and here are our top 5 features that really stand out:
1. Snap Assist
This is similar to the live tile concept in terms of layout except it gives you flexibility in terms of usable space, resizing and choosing your favorite apps.  We think this is a great innovative feature that can really help anyone whether you have 1 screen or you are working with multiple screens.  You can now have up to 4 windows side by side or you can have 2 on 1 side and 1 on another or just 2 windows.  There are easy ways to dock them by just dragging and moving the windows in the corner or the side where you want it to be.
This could be even more useful if applications were designed to be optimized for smaller screen estate.  

2.  Return of the Power Off Options
In windows 8, the power button was only available from the log on screen, so you had to log out and then switch off.  The good news is you now have options to power off your machine from the start menu.  Quick and easy just like it used to be.
3.  Task View aka Virtual Desktops.
You can now create virtual desktops meaning you can group your applications, making easier to organize multiple windows.  You can group your Outlook and Internet Browser in one Desktop and you can use another desktop for doing graphic design work in Photoshop.  A great feature, if you have many windows and applications open at the same time.  This will be even more useful for those with multiple screens.
4.  Explorer Home
This automatically shows you your favorite folders immediately without having to find them.  This can be useful.  You can attach your favorite folders by just dragging the folder.  It shows the most frequently used folders underneath.
5.  One for the geeks.
The command prompt accepts various shortcuts!  Ctrl V works so no going to the File Menu. You can also select Text straight from the window by merely dragging your mouse or pointer over it.  Anyone who uses the command prompt will know how annoying it is to open a menu, select mark text and then drag your mouse!

Bonus Feature
Search on the internet straight from the search bar (when you click on the start menu).  By default the search is performed in Bing.  We have not found out if this can be changed to another engine.  We tried changing the default search in Internet Explorer with Google and reperformed the search, but it did not make a difference.
There are many more features that will be unearthed once we get to play with it more, but our hand picked features above no doubt will make Windows 10 a hit with users.  The features above to remove some of the frustration that users experience in Windows 8, but also some new additions which will make it worthwhile to upgrade for power users.  Let us know your thoughts!

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