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Surface Pro 2 tablet review: Specifications and Price

Microsoft recently made an announcement on the Surface Pro 2 tablet. The Surface Pro 2 can be used as a tablet and laptop. After the successful launch of Surface Pro, Microsoft is all set to introduce its successor Surface Pro 2 into the market on October 22. The Surface Pro 2 comes with all the latest features including a kick stand which can be used as a tablet PC. Micro released the Surface Pro 2 in 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 612 GB variants. Before getting the tablet on your hands have a look at this Surface Pro tablet.

Surface Pro 2 tablet Review:


The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 design feels same like its predecessor. Now it is available in black colour and weighs 2 pounds. Its dimensions measure 10.81 (H) x 6.81 (W) x 0.53 (D) inches. The tablet packed with a new type power cover keypad. The tablet also packed with both rear camera and front camera. While launching the tablet Microsoft said the Surface Pro 2 tablet is more stylish, faster and thinner than its predecessor. It also features a Stylish Digital Pro Pen.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 comes with 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. All we know that the tablet runs on the Windows RT 8.1 platform. The tablet is powered by Intel Core i5 Haswell processor. Its also packed with 4 GB RAM. The tablet released in 24/128/256/512 GB inbuilt storage memory variants.
The Surface Pro packs with 720 p rear camera and a 720 p face camera. The connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11, USB 3.0, micro-SD expansion (up to 64 GB), HD video-out port. This also features the Stylus Digital Pro Pen. The battery pack is 75 percent more than Surface Pro.

 Price of The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 :

Indian market not yet received the new Microsoft Pro 2 tablet; on October 22 it will hit all the Indian stores. As I said the tablet available in different variants depends on the inbuilt storage. Surface Pro 2 64 GB is available for £719, 128 GB is about £799, 256 GB is for £1,039 and 612 GB is for £1, 439.

The Bottom Line:

The overall performance and speed of the tablet is good as it packed with latest high technology processor. The OS is also very flexible to match the speed of the processor. Overall we can say that the Surface Pro 2 is all-in-one place handset. The user can use it as a tablet, laptop or Smartphone. As the tablet is packed with both the camera there is no need of a different Smartphone and camera. It also supports video calling feature. Totally it will give refreshment to all the handset users with its different design and new features. This is all we have about the Surface Pro 2 tablet review.

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