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Snapchat App: Features and Download [Android]

The Snapchat App is one of the best instant messaging app which is available at present. Snapchat allows you to send pictures you taken up to 10 secs. Recently it got updated and with this it also supports video chatting. But yet the text messaging chatting is still lacking in the Snapchat App. For more about the Snapchat App features follow below content.

Snapchat App Features:

As mentioned earlier Snapchat is the best instant messaging app which is a unique way to share life with your friends. Just take a video or picture, add one caption to it and then share with your friends. It is like fun chat they will see and laugh that’s it. And the sent picture or video will disappear from the screen unless your friend takes a screenshot.
If you want to see the sent picture or video you should hold the message until the timer appears. At a time you can send a 10 secs snap. Coming to the security features as your own photos and videos will be present in your Snapchat account so they will remain in your account safely but there are some possibilities of threats to your pictures. So in order to avoid these bad threats you use your personal phone as your Snapchat ID. Otherwise you can also be safe if you could contact with your friends over Facebook and Twitter. The added Snapchat App features would definitely help the Snapchat users while messaging.

Snapchat App Download and Availability:

The Snapchat is compatible with all Android devices which are running on Android 2.3 and above. For Snapchat App download you could click in the hyperlink or you could visit the Google Play store.

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