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Mover Web Tool Features: Copy Files from One Cloud Service to Another

The Mover is useful in transferring data from one cloud service to the other.  When paid, it supports some other features too but the basic need i.e. to transfer the files from one cloud service to the other can be done with free of cost. Mover.io is a web service that allows you to transfer up to 10 GB of data for free. Further data transfer will cost you up to 1$. Is has connector for almost all popular cloud storage provider. Check out the features that are involved in this web service.

Mover Features:
By the help of this Mover you can transfer files from any cloud services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive etc to other respective cloud services. You could also transfer data’s from your old Google account to the new account by the help of this Mover. As it also supports FTP facility so you could directly transfer files from Google Drive or Dropbox to your FTP server. The SkyDrive has some limitations on file size but there are no restrictions for other cloud services. The good part of this service provider is that there is no restriction for transferring any number of files.

The activity log in the Dashboard gives a real view of ongoing file transfer and after the delivery you can also get a notification. There is an extra option provided in this Mover by which if the sending files are large than then you can zip them and send it to the destination. Its now a matter of few clicks and you can transfer data’s from one cloud service to another through the Mover.

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