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Kiwix App Features and Download: Access Wikipedia Content for Offline Use

Kiwix App: The offline content reader which provides you the entire content of Wikipedia for Offline use. Along with Wikipedia, the Kiwix App features can also be used for getting the information from Ubuntu documentation, WikiLeaks, WikiSource, etc.
Most of you already know about the Wikipedia which gives you detailed information on any topic. Now, the Kiwix is providing the entire Wikipedia content for you without any internet connection. Below are the details regarding the features and you can download Kiwix App from the given link.

Kiwix App Features:

The Kiwix App is a very useful client app for every teacher, student, business travelers and regular Wikipedia clients. Once you download the app, no need any further internet connection to use it. It allows you to download the ZIM file and store on the device. Apart from downloading the entire content, it also provides you to select which topic you would like download. It also provides you select the language and you can see the downloaded content in the library of the app. This library packed with inbuilt search engine that you can type the topic and get it instantly. It also allows you to export as HTML/PDF files to your computer. Totally it supports 100 languages.

Download Kiwix App:

Kiwix app is available for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux Platforms. You can go through the official website to download Kiwix App.

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