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Giphy App: Post GIF Images on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

Nowadays the most popular and familiar social networking sites are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook allows you to post anything except GIF images. When Twitter was introduced it was the first bookmarking site to allow GIF images. Then Google+ followed the same and now GIF images are so familiar to everybody and every app.

But Facebook will not allow the GIF images concerning to some security issues and speed reasons. Giphy App allows you to post the GIF images directly on the Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Go through the below content to know more about the Giphy app.

Giphy App Features:

Giphy presents you GIF images in all categories and it constantly gets updated with its newly added user images. Giphy in its home page allows you to select the best pics in Editor’s Pick section.
If you want to add any GIF image just go to the Giphy app and browse the image whichever you want and make a selection for it. Then it will provide you an URL link. By this link you can post or share the image to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. All you need to do is just copy paste the URL in your Facebook wall. Or else you can directly click on the Facebook button below the image.
Along with the GIF images it also provides you GIFs on its home page. To share GIF images quickly you can download the Google Chrome extension on your browser. So that instantly you can share the images on different social networking websites. This Giphy App also provides one innovative feature called Giphy TV which allows you to see the GIF images continuously. The Giphy app also provides some screen savers too which looks very dynamic in the App.

Giphy App Download:

You could download the Giphy App from the highlighted text.

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