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Best 10 Comparisons Proving Android is Better than iPhone OS

Android stands tough competition for iPhone since its arrival.  The Android users are increasing worldwide by its sophisticated services and economy price range. Most of the Smart Phone users now a days are attracting to Android Phones which are available with different apps, Storage Options and within the  user convenient cost.

Android Vs iPhone

10 Reasons why Android Better than iPhone OS
Here we can see and analyse why  Android is Better than iPhone OS in latest mobile Market.

  • Android Runs Multiple Apps at the Same time
  • iPhone allows native applications such as mail, ipod, phone to run in background.
  • Android users benefit greatly from this discrepancy, as they can receive notifications, listen to music, or even record GPS data without keeping the application open.
  • Android Keeps Information Visible on the Screen
  • Android has is a customizable home screen keeps active widgets right at your fingertips, always accessible and always visible  without having to launch an application first.
  • iPhone  forces to flip through the app list to locate and launch each app. If you wanted to check the forecast, for example, you would have to find the app, launch it, and then wait for it to load. 
  • Android has a Better App Market
  • iPhone restricted to 1,80,000 Apps.
  • Android has 50,000 Apps . But Androids rapid Growth and adoption give in the potential to catch up the iPhone App Store. Android has another advantage of completely open market. More than 10,000 apps will be received by Android every week.
  • Android Gives Better Notifications
  • The iPhone has some trouble with notifications. Because its restricted to pop-up notifications, it can only handle one at a time and because it lacks multitasking, applications must be open in order for them to make notifications.
  • Android has a convenient notification bar which displays an icon for every notification you have waiting. The notification bar can also be pulled downward to reveal more detail about each notification. Android also allows app developers to make notification details viewable from the lock screen, something the iPhone can only do with native applications.
  • Android Lets you Choose your Hardware
  • iPhone  restricts to particular options. You can pick the color, either black or white, and you get to choose between the 16GB or the pricier 32GB version. Other than that, youre stuck with the 3.5-inch, 320480 pixel display, 256MB of RAM, and 600MHz processor.
  • Android is an open platform, manufacturers have the freedom to pair it with any hardware they want, like the Nexus One (with 3.7-inch, 480800 pixel display, 512MB of RAM, and 1GHz Snapdragon processor) or the Motorola Droid which has a physical keypad.

  • Android lets you install Custom ROMS
  • The iPhone can be Jailbroken for some additional functionality, like installing apps that arent available in the App Store, but the overall experience is the same. Youre still stuck with the same exact interface. Similar to the Jailbreaking movement
  • Android has a small community dedicated to building custom ROMs for Android devices. Not only do Custom ROMs bring the same functionality Jailbreaking does, but they also bring an additional level of customization to your phone.
  • Android lets You change your Settings Faster
  • iPhone users are stuck digging around in the system settings every time they want to use the internet or a Bluetooth device.
  • Android lets you use widgets to manage your settings directly from your home screen and for those lesser-used settings that might not have dedicated widgets, you can also create shortcuts on your home screen to take you directly to the setting you want to change.
  •  Android does Google and Social Integration
  • We have email for our messages, Flickr for our photos, Google Docs for our documents, and Facebook and Twitter for our social lives. Android offers the ability to integrate all of this natively. Your phone can even be linked to your Facebook account and can sync your phone contacts with your Facebook friends complete with profile images, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • With iPhone direct access is not possible.
  • Android gives you more Options to fit your Budget

iPhone is highly expensive when compared with Android phones. Android will offer more apps, Storage Options, hardware  etc. with a reasonable price when compared to iPhone.

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