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An Ultimate Total-Body Mobile Protector with Scratch Proof Screen Guard

An Ultimate Total-Body Mobile protector with Scratch Proof Screen guard: Everyone knows that screen guard provides more protection for Mobiles and tablets screens. Even we have seen the MAT Screen Guard as Scratch Proof screen Protector But here now We Introduce a new widely protected an Ultimate Entire Mobile body Protector with Scratch Proof Screen Guard. This was Newly Introduced with an ultra-clean and ultra-tough scratch protected Films. It can directly apply to the mobile as we apply our normal screen protector. By applying this Total-body scratch protector it will not alter or change the look and feel of your Original Mobile. This screen protector will provide an ultimate solution with an almost invisible 360 degree protective cover for our mobiles.

This total-body scratch proof protector includes a custom designed with an ultra-tough film for the screen, front and back of the mobile with all possible mobile cut-outs, cable ports; key buttons which can be easily accessible. The curve cut-outs are molded itself by provide maximum clear protection at the edges of the mobile device which is impossible for the other screen protectors cases, covers, skin to match. The thickness is very thin which is stunningly about 0.2mm and it will not add an huge appearance for your mobile device and virtually invisible for the applications.
The most amazing and stunning thing about this total-body protector is it despites it’s ultra-thin nature with strength against the daily usage problems that your device goes through. It is manufactured from super tough and extraordinarily durable material it will provide and stand up with the problems against all the daily tear and wear that your device problems. It will provide an extends its life time till years together with good protection.
The total-body screen protector is compatible withal the devices from renowned manufactures across all the mobile devices like Samsung, I Phone, HTC, Sony, LG and Motorola. All the products are different from each other with respective their mobile device shape and structure curves but even though it will provide alternative as per the market since they are imported with its high transmittance up to 97% perfect properties are given with anti scratch and anti collision with moisture resistance. This will provide an good result for the mobile body with all its screen curves including an adjusted curves without any damage effects over the total body.

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