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Mother gift : Best Ideas gift moms birthday or mother day

The occasion of your moms birthday represents a unique opportunity to express your love and appreciation for all her sacrifices and belief in you. The MG Collection MARISSA Top Double Handle Doctor Style Handbag is carefully designed to guarantee not only complete sentimental value but also practical utility for many years to come.
In short, this is a gift that your mom is bound to love and cherish for a very long time to come.

At a Glance

This stylish Handbag is one of the best birthday gifts for mom this festive season. With its gold toned clasps and buckles as well as classic lines, this is a handbag with guaranteed timeless look about it. To put this in proper context, here is a running summary of the bags features.


1. Convenient Handles and Shoulder Strap

Convenience of use is one of the key features associated with this handbag. It is fitted with two handles. Each of the two includes a number of key ergonomic elements which make it easy for your mom to carry it around with her whatever the occasion. But the twin set of handles are not the entire package altogether, the bags shoulder strap makes it even easier for your mom to always have her favorite handbag next to her. The shoulder strap is not only easily adjustable to suit your moms preference but can also be hooked off and on to the bag as she would like. Talk of convenience and compatibility all in one package.

2. Available in a Range of Colors and Finishes

This handbag is available in a series of color and finish designs, to be specific: seven of them. If you do not like it in the default earth brown finish you could opt for the classic black leather look that will befit a variety of official settings. But it could be that your mother will feel more at home sporting the fiery and conspicuous orange tone with accompanying bronze fixtures and buckles to boot. Other marked designs include a blue limited edition and another in taupe. For the even more adventurous at heart, the pink or green versions in faux ostrich leather may prove quite attractive.

3. Roomy and Versatile Interior

This limited edition MG Collection MARISSA Top Double Handle Doctor Style Handbag can be best described as a fitting tote bag for your moms birthday. It is very roomy without seeming too huge. Your mom will find oodles of space to stash her stuff and leave plenty of space for the unexpected odds and ends. The 2 main zippered pouches are the roomiest of all in the handbag, giving enough space to keep sizable items like an umbrella or scarf without making the bag bulge unnecessarily. There are also three pockets located in such a way as to provide discrete spaces to store personal items in an organized manner. On top of this your mom will find the larger zippered exterior pocket handy when she needs to keep items like keys, ID, cell phone and other must have items close at hand.


    • High quality synthetic leather material
    • Enjoy a limited time free shipping offer when you order yours online
    • Variety of color and finish designs
    • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap
    • Roomy interior with two pouches, 3 inner pockets and an even bigger exterior one
    • Very low pricing. The bag costs half as expensive as it looks, and that is before we factor in the mouth watering 45% discount

Customer Reviews

The Gifts Meaning to Moms Birthday

This MG Collection MARISSA Top Double Handle Doctor Style Handbag is an apt gift for your moms birthday for a whole lot of reasons. To begin with, the bag is available in a range of tones, each versatile enough to be paired with just about every outfit your mom is likely to wear whether dressed up or down for an occasion. Apart from this versatility as an accessory, the handbag is very roomy with a convenient set of pouches and pockets to help your mom organize her life when she out and about while letting her be discrete while shes about it.


While this handbags handles have been designed to offer convenient handling as well as intuitive ease of use all day long, there are many users who find them a little too small for comfort. On the other hand though, many who prefer their handbags to have short satchel styled handles will find this handbag a perfect fit for their needs. And if the handles are not long enough, there is always the removable and smoothly adjustable shoulder strap to make up for this slight shortcoming.


Help your mother mark this years anniversary of her birth while decked out in style. Buy her a handbag that is not only stylish but also versatile enough to answer all her needs. There are not many products out there which can fit this description. But this MG Collection MARISSA Top Double Handle Doctor Style Handbag ticks all the boxes in your quest for the best birthday gifts for mom this festive season. Order it now and enjoy an unbelievable 45% discount compared to high street store prices.

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