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Luxury Bathroom Features Ideas for Your Custom Home

Dont settle for average, consider some of these luxury bathroom features in your new home.  Today the bathroom is not only a necessity, but for many it is a place to escape and relax.  Years ago, just having a separate bathtub and shower was the height of luxury bathroom design.  Now there are many more options to choose from to turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa escape. When designing your new home, we at SARCO Architects only want you to have the best.

Blurring the Lines Between House and Nature

One of the main reasons that people decide to build a vacation home is to enjoy nature at its finest. One design idea that I always try to achieve (at least in master bathrooms) is to have massive floor to ceiling glass facing breathtaking ocean or mountain views. Imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing you get to see is the stunning sunrise.
Another option for those who are concerned about massive open windows because of neighbors or lack of privacy is to place the bathroom in direct relation to a small private garden space. This provides visual relaxation and creates a massive expansion of space that blurs the line between indoors and outdoors.  If you have not yet experienced the pleasure of a bathroom with this design, it will make you look forward to your next vacation back to your custom luxury home.

Luxury Bathroom Features: The Tub

Many people still decide to include a bathtub as the central piece in their custom luxury home’s bathroom.  Many brands and designs are available, some even manufactured from composite materials made from resins and pulverized white volcanic stone, which works as a heat insulator and allows more time for use before the water cools down.  This reduces the need to empty and refill your bathtub with hot water as well as the use of reheater pumps, therefore making this feature environmentally friendly.

Custom Cabinetry

In your vacation home, you dont need to store all the stuff that you may need to store in a main home which allows for more flexible cabinet design. You can have a mix of open and closed cabinets, floating countertops with no cabinets below or a simple stone shelf below a counter that holds toiletry filled baskets. This gives the bathrooms a more open, casual, and laid-back feel that is essential for someone on a relaxing vacation.

The Return of the Sauna

A popular luxury bathroom feature being requested today is a new spin on the “retro” sauna style that was popular in the 70s. The updated version of this personal sauna room is being found in master bath suites and features glass walls, exotic woods and cushioned, and custom seating.  Some high-end, luxury saunas even feature Italian tiles on the walls, seats, and floor.

Luxury Bathroom Features: How to Keep it Green

Not to be forgotten in the design of your new luxury bathroom is sustainability, as bathrooms are one of the more important rooms to keep in mind for this. Selecting water-saving fixtures, low flow and dual flushing toilets are a key to reducing your water consumption. Another idea to be considered is fitting the home with separate plumbing systems so that sewage travels separately from grey water which can be treated for reuse for irrigation.
If you’re interested in having us include these and other custom luxury bathroom features in your new home, contact us today at SARCO Architects.  We are a design-build firm serving Costa Rica and Panama, specializing in beautiful, energy efficient custom homes.  View our portfolio and ask us what luxury bathroom features we can help layout in your new home.

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