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How To Exfoliate Your Face? – Valuable Tips

In recent times, we have to spend most of the day outside home where our skin has to face the sun, cold and pollution. In due course of time, the outermost layer of the skin will become dull and be in patches because of the dead cells. However, Mother Nature has gifted the human body the regeneration cycle where new cells replace old ones, but to have a lustrous face you need to take some home remedies. In order to provide you assistance, we have listed some of the very few home remedies which can be readily done in the confines of your home on how to exfoliate your face towards a healthy and youthful skin.
How To Exfoliate Face?
Now, let us look into the procedure of how to use a sugar scrub which can be made directly from the kitchen.

  • Take the help of a hair tie or hair band to make the hair away from the face.
  • Have a smooth white clean cloth ready. Now immerse the cloth in warm water. After a gap of two minutes squeeze the extra water and then apply on the face for one to two minutes. The clogged pores of the skin will be opened, and the exfoliation process will be made easy.
  • Then use another clean cloth to wipe out the dust stuck on your face.
  • Take a tablespoon of sugar and one tablespoon of water.
  • Both of the contents should be mixed well and made into a thick paste.
  • You can apply the mixture on the face and massage slowly in circular motion. Do not miss out any part of the face.
  • After all the dead skin has been removed, you can wash the face with warm water thoroughly to get rid of the stickiness of the sugar.
  • You can then make use of cold water. Splash with your palms cold water, on the face. The pores opened will be closed.
  • A soft towel can then be used to pat dry the face gently. The skin on the face will get damaged.
Natural Scrub You Can Make In The Kitchen
1.       Coffee For Exfoliation
The best way for exfoliation will be when you have mixed one tablespoon of ground coffee powder with the same amount of water. The mixture can be massaged on the face in small circular portions. The caffeic acid, present assists in boosting the production of collagen in the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of coffee also aids similar to when taken as a drink.

Before performing the massage, you have to wash your face thoroughly with warm water so that the dirt is removed. The pores are opened and when rubbed gently with a clean towel, the old cells will be eliminated. The second portion of the exfoliation takes place, when you make use of the coffee mixture.
After performing the process for five minutes, wash with cold water. Then use cucumber slices to moisturize the skin.
2.       Oatmeal Scrub 
Before going to the process, let us see how this method can assist the skin to get rid of dead cells. Ground oatmeal can absorb dirt, impurities and can also provide relief in case of body problems like flaky skin, acne, and sunburn. People with very sensitive skin can make use of this method as other treatment can lead to harsh side effects.
You can mix one tablespoon of oatmeal (ground) with quarter tablespoon of salt as well as water. The paste can be used to gently exfoliate the skin by rubbing in circular motions. The duration should be five to ten minutes, then you can rinse the paste off.
Valuable Tips

  • Do you know that the human skin has the tendency to repair the damaged cells in the night? Hence, morning can be selected as the best time to practise exfoliation.
  • Do not overdo the process. Once or twice a week is okay, or else the granules may do harm to your skin.
  • Do the process in circular motions for getting best results.
  • After the process, use cold water. The opened pores should be closed, and if you use hot water, more dirt will settle and the treatment will be of no use.
  • Do not forget to exfoliate the lip regions too.
  • Use a natural moisturizer such as cucumber or banana skin after the process.
We hope that the above given tips has assisted you in giving information on natural exfoliation methods.

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